What new pack will come? (Theories)

After the exit of the spectral pack I was left wondering which would be the next pack and here you come to theorize, I think and I want the packs of neon (human) gears or something like that.

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To answer your question @xCMLx_Arkouda , I believe the glowie pack is up next. Everyone pretty much speculating its the lambent pack this week.


but there would be 3 swarm packs in a row

Yeah it would, but perhaps next month will be all cog, who knows.

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for me it would be sad since I have vold raam the Theron and the two dbs “new” and my humans has not changed even the skins I continue with the marine xd

Wasnt there like a lieutenant COG pack in June? That was a brand new COG pack. I think they doing more swarm sine there are alot more cog characters than swarm right now. Thats my guess.

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Ok, assuming it will be the lambent pack What do you think the price is? (Because I’m really a little sick of the packs of 400 credits, that even though they are cheaper the possibility of a skin or a gun in the end I got more to take things than the 2000)

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Since this is going to be a popular never before playable character, I expect it to be 2000 credit pack.

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I wish it was true, because I would love to get everything, in the spectral pack I spent more than 40000 credits and I did not get the snub pistol, in the end I got it obviously I opened more packs but it was fine

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This RNG is BS, 40,000+ credits rise of raam and spectral didn’t even break 40,000 credits altogether! Some win some don’t no matter the grind!?!?

Lambent Locusts have been heavily hinted at by TC so that’s likely this week.

Rise Of RAAM will probably be re-released the following week.

One of my friends reckons that Helmetless NCOG will get a release which I must admit surprises me a bit given the poor reception the Helmetless UIR pack got. It would be easy to create though.

And Vold Karn has also been mentioned by various fans too.

When would the pack leave?

New packs are normally released on Fridays at 10:00 PST; 13:00 EST; and 18:00 GMT. It’s hard to know how long they are available for. It varies and sometimes is just for the weekend, or for the entire week. We’ll know on Thursday what the pack is, and all the other details. Right now Lambent Locusts is strongly rumoured and hinted at by TC but they technically haven’t 100% confirmed it yet.

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I think it could just be the weekend since we had Rise of RAAM for the entire week.

I’m going to assume just the weekend since the Rise of RAAM pack been out for a week.

Lambent up next then!..

I wish @inmortalop

Lambent pack should be next ,if I could choose I would love to see a pack with Prescott and maybe the Onyx Guards or a pack with Alex Brand