What needs to be reworked or removed in your opinion?

I’ll start off with the obvious, Flashbangs are way worse then Gears 4 smokes ever were and need to be heavily reworked if not removed from the game entirely.

The connections are terrible. I’m just trying to play Co-Op campaign with a couple of friends and every couple of scenes, one of us are getting disconnected!

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Bayonet hit with retro lanzor

Environment objects like chair don’t disappear after moving (campaign)

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Agreed! and nerf the lancer and gnasher for christ sake! I shouldn’t be downed from 30 feet with a single shot from the gnasher!


Retro Lancer charge is fine, it was horrible in Gears 4 and it needed a improvement.

Horde, it’s bloody rubbish.


The connections, the damage or player health.
And the fact that it gives kills away like candy now, everybody gets high kills they didn’t actually earn.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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Lol for one, I have it and I didn’t get my ultimate edition content for the game… apparently because I’m not the subscriber but I’m gamesharing SO I DO HAVE game pass ultimate and I am playing early…but nope. No content.

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The whole game needs to be reworked right now. Just wait until the game officially comes out…oh boy


Im telling you man:I was sharing it from my buddy and didn’t plan to buy gold nor game pass.
Then i thought what the hell,its Gears and bought 6 months gold and 2 months ultimate.
Worst mistake of my life🤦‍♂️

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So you’re missing the content too?

I’m not missing the content,i have game pass ultimate.But the ■■■■■■■ game is unplayable right now for me.
I can’t even bring myself to play Campaign after reading here that people are losing progress.
And also cause i couldn’t wait 1 more day i watched the whole Campaign on YouTube.

I’m really sorry to hear that. My game save I guess almost got corrupted. My heart sank and I had to quit out to dashboard and cross my fingers that it loaded the save. It reverted me only bout 5 minutes back. It did this twice at different areas. They’ll figure it out, but at that time I mean…it’ll be too late. The game itself IMO (the campaign anyway) is great. What a shame :frowning:

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I play Gears mainly for Campaign.And now first time ever i had the chance to play it the first day,early access.
And then i ■■■■ it up because i couldn’t wait 1 more day and watched it online.I feel so bad,why the hell were some people even have access to the game before early access.
And now i wanted to play Campaign split-screen with my buddy,but he couldn’t make it today.
I played just 3 chapters myself,and now i read Campaign is also broken🤦‍♂️

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But this is Gears 5! Everything is buffed edition of Gears 4

Let’s make this simple…

The answer to your question is “Everything”.

It’s that easy.

I haven’t played much MP yet but here’s some observations from the matches I’ve played and the ones I’ve watched.

1. The movement feels pretty useless right now. I don’t know if it’s a speed change, something to do with iframes (don’t know if that was ever a thing in this series), or the fact that everything is so powerful but any kind of slide to close the distance/attack feels like it’s much more likely to get you killed than be beneficial to you.

2. The maps are too big in general and several feature too many hard cut off areas that separate you from your team and the enemy team. Take maps like Exhibit and Bunker. Bunker is FAR too large. It’s like a 8v8 size map. It leads to somewhat boring quiet matches because everyone ends up so spread out. That slope up to the salvo is terrible from a gameplay perspective as it forces you to adjust your camera and get your bearings as you’re entering a dangerous battle area. IMO they need to add a ramp to the slope drop off area to make entering easier and to improve fight quality in that section.

Exhibit is a perfect example of a map prone to long stalemates. Similar to Bullet Marsh. Basically one bridge to cross, that nobody wants to cross because it’s a meatgrinder at either end, and an underside that’s huge which makes flanking pointless because it takes so long, hard separates you from the rest of the team, and only features one stairway up to the enemies fortified position.

3. A ranked lobby should not completely close just because a single player leaves. It feels so stupid sitting there as lobbies are opened and closed, opened and closed, opened and closed. Why doesn’t the game just search for a new player to add to the lobby? This may not seem like a huge problem now but when the population drops for this game and lobbies that you’ve been waiting in for a few minutes start to close it’s going to be noticeable.

4. The blood omen that indicates damage is WAY too strong. The second you take damage you’re basically blinded by a flash of red and then gimped for the remainder of the fight because you cant see anything through all the red on your screen.

5. One thing that I actually love about Gears 5 is that they brought back the custom game server list, which is something I’ve desperately wanted since 2008. So huge props on that. That being said I think they could do a better job of removing full games from the list.

6. No Locust characters. Not really a complaint. More like a request.

Flash bangs need some adjustments. Damage needs to be pulled back just a bit on lancer and gnasher. Servers. Execution Ranked. TDM is a casual game type. Give the Gear Vets their classic playlist. Also spice up the other modes like escalation got. I.e weapon drop changes, set life pools, 4v4 execution, spawn times increase as death your death toll grows in Guardian. Remove terminator, just a stupid addition. the sound, no one makes any noise behind you

I talk about the retro lanzor bayonet hit , not the charge. Use a knife when we have a bayonet… Lol