What needs to be done!

Tc please.

Common sense.


MVP LOSS why do you lose points make no sense even if your team lost you got done the best?

MVP WIN 0 points no sense at all no matter what tier including masters.

In general the ranking system needs to be looked at

Shotgun bullets, add one or two 100%…

Fix related kill cam bugs

Revert to old gnasher update work from that

Increase lancer damage bullet very skightly

Increase tranparency on omen and red around screen this is not good for new and annoying for comp players

Increase boom damage slightly

Remove stuns? Reduce stun time? Ruins the game horrible better with just smokes. Nowadays everyone throwing flashes and running in with gnasher… joke.

Stun blur in game needs to be fixed

Mace lock on needs to be reduced


Game freezes sometimes when starting a matchmaking search

Dont balance teams by putting compltely new players in a sweaty game. This ruins it for the sweats and the new player.

eu playeers and east us players to play each other at a half way point or connection. The eu servers are dying!!

With this done for sure it will be 100% better… ive played gears from gears 1 and played this gears from start! I know for sure all of what i mentioned here will make a huge!!! Difference!!!

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Fine by me.

Keep the Mexico players on their own server while we’re at it. I’ll play against European players any day of the week but I want nothing to do with DSL Warrior Mexico.


So Greenland should just have a server dedicated for transatlantic games.

No to buffing the lancer, thanks.

Oh common man , I know how to play Gears of War !! :smile:

I have fiber optics my friend. with that the gnasher really works out :slight_smile:

I won’t play against you since I have lots of respect to you man … but Ill help you out killing European people hahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t bought the latest novel of GOW , but I know how to do " active reload" hahahahaha :slight_smile:

If you’re from Mexico with Fiber Optics you’d be the one in a million that do.

I have Fiber Optics in the USA (940/940mbps Down/Up) and can’t stand the lag created by Mexico DSL. It’s an abomination that should have been taken care of already.


I like the gnasher just like it is. I have no problem w/2 more in the chamber. But performance wise, this is as good as it has ever been for me.
Quitting needs to be addressed. Their needs to be a much heavier handed penalty for quitting. And I don’t wanna hear any b.s. about matchmaking being the issue. Nothing justifies quitting regardless except for life and death emergencies, b/c mama said so, your lower gastro-intestinal track is about to “give up”. Thats it. Not b/c you think you deserve a higher rank than what you have and the other 4 players are garbage that you were assigned with. Its literally about 85% of my matches now.
And if someone quits, finish the match that still counts and then dissolve the lobby. No point playing a ranked match that doesn’t count towards rank.

I agree with you there man … yes that all because we dont have a GOW server in mexico. we rely in another instances to get the connection .

in that poing you’re right :slight_smile:

What else guys??!

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I don’t konw man … perhaps paying taxes, getting married or find a new significant other maybe.