What my rank percentage didnt go up

My rank dont go up after 3 matches with Onyx 3 i wait 1 hour And percentage didnt go up pls help

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Sometimes it doesn’t move after a win or loss. Keep winning and it will go up eventually. It just feels bad when you win a game (or 3) and your rank remains still.

Any discussion / feedback on the ranking system should be posted in the main thread. This will allow TC to see the feedback alll in one place.

Anyhow, for Onyx and above you have to alot more to rank up. You need to constantly beat higher ranked players, consistent perform greater than your current performance and always win matches.

Onyx pop isnlike 7-8% while Diamond is 0.5%. Your not breaking the barrier probably because your not exceeding your own performance and winning against higher ranked players.

Shh! Don’t speak so loudly! Your rank will hear you.

Keep winning, it may show mercy in time.

Think there’s a slight delay because yesterday I was onyx two when I left off & when I started up again I was onyx 3 without even playing

Small thing but I think Onyx is a little higher, like 11-15% and I know Diamond is actually 1.5-2%