What means the % on "My tour"?

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If I saw the “My Tour” window, the % appears as “Overall progress”.

This is about only ToD or have to do with getting skins, emotes, achievements, etc? Because I got every medal for this tour and I’m legend 57 but my % is 91%

TC and numbers

t. TC


Honestly, I thought that it was related to the number of stars in the Medal Groups, but if you’ve completed all Medal Groups, and don’t have 100%, I can’t understand why you are not at 100% in ToD.

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I have sustained 100% medal completion for all 8 operations so far and have noticed this progress glitch since op 6 onwards.

For ops 1 to 5, I had 100% progress in the summary. Op 6 showed 97%, Op7 showed 90% and Op 8 shows 91%.

If you count the total number of medals from launch till end of op 8, we have had a total of 700 medals and I haven’t missed a single one.

Also I have noticed that the medal count in the summary page is 1 more than the total number of medals that are there (we have 104 but count shows 105). Lot of display bugs here and there but I guess but TC wont care about fixing these since their priorities have completely shifted.

Was hoping to have some sort of unique reward for sustaining 100% across 8 operations but all we get is a big :fu: from TC. I am done with grinding daily objectives or medals anymore. My boost runs out with the end of op 8 and I am not buying anymore ever. Rank is maxed and seriously is all done. Only the versus grind stuff remains and I will grind that when I feel like working on it. Want to enjoy other games for a change.