What maps would you like to see come back?

I don’t get why people want the old stuff.

I get it and we know the old stuff (maps) was good but,
shouldn’t you be asking for new and better content instead?

I totally understand where your coming and yes new maps are always welcomed editions … Sometimes I do notice that some older maps tend to play better than some of the newer ones Gears is very much in a league of its own being a third person cover based shooter and I feel that not all maps are created with this in mind however I also agree that we can’t continue to constantly recycle old maps as this would become stale and uninteresting . Great comment by the way this is the sort of content and feedback the community and the company need.

Many thanks kiwi

Any map would suffice at this point.

TC clearly isn’t capable of doing that. Just take a look at the launch-maps.

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Agree with you.
I guess when a game is lacking content they all can always blame it on Game Pass!

This is different development team so they should be able to have new ideas, new concepts, new ways to make the game exccel, they even short the name to just “Gears”.
Why? My theory is because they don’t want nothing to do with Gears Of War and EPIC Games.

So, I’m still keep asking myself why they keep relying on the old content from previous Gears Of War Games?

To me the addition of old content (maps, characters) is just laziness just my opinion.

That foggy version of Harbor and that thunder and lighting version of Reclaimed.

Harbor Haze and Reclaimed Windflare.

If they’re added back it should be something toggle-able for Harbor and Reclaimed already in 5. Not entirely separate like they were treated in Gears 4.

(I may or may not have absolutely hated Harbor Haze for Horde in Gears 4, cause it was just completely unplayable while the fog was around, and wasn’t a large fan of Reclaimed Windflare either).



Tyro Station
Gold Rush

Old Oman
Gardian :laughing:


What game was island in? I honestly don’t remember it.

man they need to make a ground war mode with objectives or something kinda like warzone on halo or battlefields conquest mode

You’re talking about Battlefield? Gears never did that. Gears doesn’t do vehicles or massive scale stuff. They’ve always stuck to small five on five skirmishes. The game probably just wasn’t built with it in mind. If it was then don’t you think they would’ve tried by now? If that’s really what you want then why not just play battlefield?

Gears Judgement.

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Any Map from Gears 1,2,3

Level designers and game programmers are not engineers. Software engineers aren’t engineers, and the aforementioned professions do not even meet software engineering standards.

If it takes TC a month to touch up imported assets created for a slightly older semi-custom version of the same engine, that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their abilities.

Don’t know the exact name, engineer was the first thing that came to mind. But yeah, they said 1 month to redo a map from Gears 4 that was a remake from previous gears all within the same game engine.

Guardian was such a cool thing in Reclaimed windflare! :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:
Bam… Enemy leader is dead… Bam… Your leader is dead… :grin::grin::grin:

Speyer. It rarely came up, but I liked it for Horde.