What maps would you like to see come back?

Just curious to see if any of the community have any old favorite maps from any of the gears games they would like to see remade or reimagined for gears 5 for both horde and versus … Personally I’d love to see gears 2 map day one come back … So many good memories on that map … Can’t wait to hear your guys thoughts and opinions

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I loved that map on Gears 3 Horde.
It was the first map I completed all waves on.


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Great map dude if I’m honest most of the gears 3 maps were awesome even if some of them were not balanced properly :joy:

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Every map.

Starting with Day One.



Love this dude #BringBackDayOne… This is the kind of stuff I’d love to focus on and discuss with the community it’s so easy to nit pick the negatives let’s get some positive & nostalgic vibes going and think back to those great maps that gave us hours of great fun


Gridlock needs to return.

Hail was always my favorite for horde.


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Gridlock is the definitive Gears of War map, the fact that it isn’t in 5 shows that TC has lost their way.

To be honest I’m actually surprised it isn’t already gears 5 apart from judgement it’s been in every other gears game … I’ll be genuinely blown away if TC don’t put it in eventually

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Every map that was in Gears of War 4 should be ported over to Gears 5. It takes minimal effort as they run on the same engine.

I’d like to see new remakes of Jacinto, River, Subway, Mansion, and Depths.


At this point any of them will do.

Bring back Guardian!!!

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This is what everyone thought minus the engineers creating Gears 5. It is the same engine but TC has said more than a few times that they cannot copy/paste content from G4.

It’s not a Ctrl C and Ctrl V operation, it’s more like tracing. They said it takes about a month to recreate a map from G4.


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Hmm let’s see…Here are my top five maps choices:
1.Day One
2.Day One
3.Day One
4.Day One
5.Day One

There ya go, my list is the best.

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My top 10 Maps to choose from:

  1. Day one
  2. Gridlock
  3. Checkout
  4. Trashball
  5. Hotel
  6. Overpass
  7. Blood drive
  8. Bullet marsh
  9. Escalation (map)
  10. Drydock (OG, not 4)
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Copy/paste “If Red; If no Red,” reply.

One of these every week now.
But it’s good. Gimme DRYDOCK.