What map will be a classic?

Asylum, Exhibit and errrm Overload :slight_smile: Ok the last one may not be a proper map but its different and a lot of fun

Nexus and All fathers Arena definitely in my opinion.

Fantastic map. Absolute chaos in the kitchen :rofl::rofl:

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Vasgar and Allfathers Arena

There are many good maps but I hope for either Thrashball or Jacinto or Academy one of those 3

Agreed. I too won’t mind if Diner was the one getting released instead of Speyer.

Diner is really good. All the action takes place in the center of the map. Really thrilling!


Nexus. I personally like Asylum and Vasgar as well.

Nexus-. Good size for 4v4 . Nice design and it looks great.

Asylum- also a really nice map. Good design and the train is adds a little extra something to it.

Allfathers- Love that map. I’ve had some epic matches on it.

Icebound- This one is probably not going to get much love but personally I really like it. I pick it every time it comes up but it never gets packed anymore. I’d be curious to hear from others what they dislike about it.

tbh my gripe is the ice, thats all. I actually like the map, it may not be my fav as i prefer Nexus or Training Grounds but thats it. good weapon spawns and I like the layout.

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I knew Icebound wouldn’t be a favorite . I really like the map but I’m in the very small minority probably feel that way.

If I had to pick one map as a choice though , I’d have to pick Nexus. It’s really a damn good map. I love the emulsion sections and the attention to detail in the architecture is incredible. Great design and perfect for 4v4.

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im a sucker for gears 2 stuff, its so beautiful and I love the extra detail of the grindlifts and the dead COG, especially the Corsper. Its not a bad map its just something I dont prefer. Ive played on Nexus way too much, its a great map but everybody loves Blood Drive and Gridlock lol

Because its extremely campy and boring to play in PvP, same reason people hate Pahanu/Bunker/Training Grounds/Vasgar.


Its not really special and/or unique in any way though, I would say that Exhibit stands out far more and offers better gameplay.

We all can have our opinions. I like Icebound.

Exhibit is a nice map too. I enjoy that one a lot.

Asylum, Allfathers Arena, District, Nexus, Regency - All fantastic maps.

Icebound, Training Grounds, Vasgar, Bunker - good maps but not necessarily classics.

Exhibit - burn it in a fire

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Pahanu will definitely be a classic meme.

If the general community outlook on Gears 5 stays negative, none of them will be. But every Gears game to date-- minus Judgment to some degree-- has been fondly looked back on once we move to a new game.

Gears 2 was bad until Gears 3 came out and we all liked 2 better.
Gears 3 was bad until Gears 4 came out and we all liked 3 better.
Gears 4 was bad until Gears 5 came out and we all liked 4 better.

So when Gears 6 comes out, will we miss Gears 5 or will we still say it can’t sit at our table at lunch? If the former, I’d say Icebound because of its uniqueness and evocative visual design, District because of its solid layout and Nexus because it might actually be the best PvP map in the old Locust underground style, actually. I certainly like it more than any of the Gears 2 underground maps I can remember.

Ruin was the only underground map from my recollection. Ruin felt weird to me, i never liked it much except for the atmosphere.

Ruins, Way Station and Highway are the ones I remember.

Nexus is a better map than all three, IMO.

Id have to agree with you on that one. Nexus is solid, seeing all the old gridlift pods made me nostalgic and for many its a top 3 gears 5 map for sure, me as well but not sure what position id give it. the river remaster though holds my heart for my favorite map brought back in a gears game.

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