What map will be a classic?

Every game in the series has a classic map or two that fans want remade in future games. Gears 1 had mansion, gridlock. Gears 2 had jacinto, security and so on. I think gears 5 classic maps will be nexus, asylum, district.


Nexus, district, all fathers

Would be my 3


Nexus, asylum and district are all pretty cool maps

All fathers too

TC have made some good new maps really, just not enough of them


Vasgar is really neat.


Allfathers area is probably their best map they have done
Training grounds is up there too

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The one set in Yoda’s homeworld… :joy:


Which one would that be?

Yoda’s race and home world have not been named in any official media, canonical or otherwise, and he is merely said to be of a “species unknown” by the Star Wars Databank.

Pahanu? :joy:


I think Pahanu really was the joke, cause the 1st time you see Yoda in the movies, he’s living in a tree.


G5 maps that turn into classics? Hmm let’s see:

  • Foundation, Reclaimed, Forge. Oh wait, those are G4 maps.

Then how about: Bunker, Ice bound, Pahanu. Oh wait, those are the worst maps.

Asylum, All Fathers, Nexus? Given G5 standards, these qualify as good maps but compared to the franchise’s best maps they merely “don’t suck”.

I just don’t see any G5 map turning into a classic. TC will surely add them to G6 but they’ll never compare to the likes of Gridlock, Raven Down or Blood Drive, hate them or not, they are classic maps.

Speyer…as it was chosen at launch of an operation :stuck_out_tongue:

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Allfathers even though I hate the map with a passion. District too, Nexus could be there but since it was DLC Asylum would probably get precedence over it

The planet Luke finds Yoda on is Dagobah, which is where he went into exile after Order 66. The name of his homeworld is still pretty much a mystery as he always kept it secret even from his fellow Jedi.

But yes, Pahanu will always be considered a classic :sweat_smile:

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I swear district is the worst map in the game but at the same time it’s definitely the map which feels like it’ll be most fondly remembered by everyone else.

I’ve always felt like Gow1 was gridlock, Gow2 was blood drive, Gow3 was checkout and Gow4 was foundation.

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Most likely District or Asylum. I mean, it’s not like there’s a whole lot to choose from.

Final answer, Nexus. Not only for the way it plays but due to its “Gears 2” aesthetic . I do enjoy AFA also.

I think for gow 4 its reclaimed, i think of gow 4 everytime i think of reclaimed. good times. for 5 id have to say Nexus too. Allfathers is a close runner up though and im a big fan of training grounds. wouldnt consider training grounds a classic but its a map i really liked in the beta and i like the aesthetic of the map.

Nexus, All Father’s, District, Asylum, and Vasgar are definitely up there for me

I kind of have a soft spot for Exhibit as well

Diner is an absolute classic. Flat map with minimal lancer angles. Embar/Longshot swaps. The only explosive on the map was grenades. Just such a good map.


Totally agree, I have some really fond memories of intense battles I’ve had on that map