What Makes a Good Multiplayer Quote Compared to a Bad One?

What makes Gears MP unique is the interesting quotes all the characters say when preforming many actions in game. Such as active reloads, jams and headshots to name a few. Some quotes make you laugh, while other enrage players with the taunting. What does everyone consider an amazing quote compared to an unessairy quote? For me I consider a quote that fits the personality of the character such as with Sam when she gets an active reload in Gears 4. “Time to kick some butt” (I’m sure it will be censored if I say the whole line.) It fits Sam’s personality and also anyone on the battlefield knows what is about to happen. I would consider an unessairy quote/line I’d say would be Clayton saying “Come on bend over!” It’s not a particularly good line and also the only reason why it is in the game is because it is a "nice "way of saying a common phrase some Gears players saying compared to using a terrible word. Though it is an active reload it is a bit confusing unless you know that Clay has an active reload though playing a lot. Should game quotes be funny or should they inform both the team and the enemey? What is everyone opinion on what makes a good line compared to an unessairy flavor text/ dialogue?

Anything Tai says is good anything any one else says stinks :joy::joy::joy::joy::grin::joy:

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