What makes a good engineer for the team?

I know this sounds a weird question to ask and it’s probably stupid to :joy:.

I let you guys have your say on it.

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if their name is @WickedlyInocent you’re guaranteed to win

In all seriousness, all they really need to do is build some barriers at the right spots, repairing taps, and knowing which classes need a locker and which classes need to perk up in order to be viable.


All the furnaces


I am the best Engineer in the game hands down. If you aren’t building 15 Sentry by wave 1 you’re probably hot garbage.

Really though, the same thing that makes most classes good. Awareness. If you are consistently aware of whats happening on the map you’re golden as an engineer. Put barriers in chokespots, stun enemies and keep ammo hungry classes fed.

Engineer is probably my favorite class despite how boring some may find it. Except on Pahanu. Pahanu sucks.


If you’re engineer. You only play as Baird or Del.

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Be offensive with the Fab location. Know the spots on the map for the Fab that cover the most ground without enemies spawning behind you.

Be offensive with your barriers. You get so much power in this game theres no point in not spending it all. Put barriers everywhere, it does nothing but help. Level 1s and 2s.

Know which classes benefit greatly from perking at the beginning. BM, Striker, Protector and Anchor are classes that benefit more from perking than having a locker early.

Robotics Expert is easily the best engineer in the game. Good damage cards, can repair everything besides taps without even using a repair tool, can repair taps extremely quick with Combat Engineer, Dr1 is a good decoy.

If an MG sentry is bought before the teams needs are met then the Engineer has no clue what theyre doing.


Come on. Pahanu isn’t that bad. Setting up in the cave is pretty good actually. You get 3 good taps there and the best dependable position on the map, imo. Putting barriers in between most of the trees/rocks/stumps is a good way to place them since the map terrain is so uneven.

Id rather play on Pahanu any day than play on Bunker or Dam.



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For me any engineer who doesn’t expect people to deposit every last cent of power is good enough.

On the other hand you can spot easily a bad engineer if the first thing they buy is a sentry wave 1 (which gets destroyed by a Juvie most of the time).


If taps on are Markza spawns then watching them from cave is hell.

Its not difficult but just unsatisfying to play on really. that terrain limitation really turns me off to the joys of engi. Maybe I just have OCD and I like things evenly placed…

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Have a headset? That might be 90% of the battle. But when I play it’s about figuring out what the team needs, it should absolutely never be about what helps me do damage. That’s a terrible engineer. Do I have a Demo? Needs a level 4 locker. A Pilot? Level 4 locker. A Gunner? Figure out his build, is he a torque bow build? Let’s get him a locker.

Absolutely never, ever, EVER build idiotic, useless sentries in a forward deployed position exposed to so much fire it eats the team’s money and your time to repair and reload. Sentries are “ok,” in a back deployed position - which was the correct way to play since Gears 4 - where they help kill enemies if they’re inside the base.

You are a support class, act like it. It’s not just that sentries blow, it’s that part of your job is reviving. You don’t want your damage dealers stopping the killing because they have to revive because you’re too busy repairing a sentry. I try to be extremely aware of what’s going on as any engineer class, figuring I’m going to notice anyone down first before someone else in the heat of battle.

Just my two cents.

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I wouldn’t say it was a weird or a stupid question but it’s highly likely you’re going to get some quite differing views.

In my opinion the short answer is this: a player who works on behalf of the team. Engineer is a Support class for a reason. That means fullfilling the needs of the classes you have for the map you’re playing with the power resources available.

The biggest mistake many less experienced (and some experienced) Engineers make (based mostly on ignorance, stupidity and selfishness) is to build fortifications based on their own needs and requirements rather than the teams’. This can be defined by the building of inapropriate fortifications based solely on the intention of getting kills for the Engineer when the Engineer is not the class that should be getting kills. If you want to get lots of kills—don’t play as an Engineer, it’s not your job.

Beyond repairing and building fortifications, there are other aspects to the Engineer support role that in my mind defines a good one:

  • watching for and picking up DBNO team mates;
  • marking dangerous enemies other team mates may have not seen;
  • marking and picking up weapons and putting them in the lockers for team mates who might need them, boomshot for Demo, Dropshot for Pilot, Longshot for Marksman etc.;
  • watching for and reinforcing areas coming under pressure;
  • staying apart from clusters of players so if a boomshot downs a group of them you can revive them.

A lot of people seem to think Engineer is an easy class to play, it’s not, it’s probably one of the most difficult to play well given the need to understand all the class requirements and maps. Any idiot can build a couple of barriers and a few sentries and think job done—which probably explains why there are so many extremely poor Engineers currently playing the game.


That’s your definition of ‘what makes a good Engineer for the team’? :roll_eyes:

Opposite Altar side is easiest to defend in my opinion. You have the high ground.

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That entire side is wide open and if you are on the high ground part you just get shot from the left or right depending on which side you’re currently at. The High Ground while also being exposed 180° isnt isn’t good at all. If the enemies push in from the left or right and the team has to fall back to the middle then the enemies will then have the high ground because the middle is sunken in.


It’s also pain in the ■■■■ if you put the fabricator in regular spawn or opposite spawn in pahanu because taps aren’t going to last long.

However, if the host decides to stick with the spawn a game of 1-50 horde then it’s a good idea to bring in jack with the optimizer card. I did this before on 1-50 horde. I had mostly DPS cards and optimizer for Jack. At least this way I’m not just sticking back of the base doing nothing. I’m forging and doing damage to enemies lol.

All of what you say also applies to the cave side equally with the added disadvantage of the enemies having the higher ground.

The key to the Altar side is to have rail-line track level 1 barriers left, centre and right close in, but horizontal level 2’s further out. It’s very effective.

The cave side presents all sorts of problems in terms of barrier placement.

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Making a base in spawn on Pahanu is a death sentence. Theres 2 small tress and the thing in the middle for cover. Zero taps because they’ll all be very far away.

I think most of my success runs that I played in pahanu has been in spawn. But those were randoms games.

Honestly, I’ve never tried the cave but I could assume it would be perfect because of the that specific location has taps.