What language do locusts speak?

Do locust speak English or do they have their own language? In the Rise of Raam comics they all speak English but I don’t know if this was just sort of translated for us. In the games they just say one word or a very small sentence in English. I know the Queen is their leader so would they speak whatever she speaks? Im sure I saw something about humans creating locusts at the new hope facility so I guess it would make sense for them to understand us.

they’re a lot more articulate and talkative in Rise of RAAM than anywhere else, which implies they’re using their own language and it’s “translated” for us. they definitely seem to understand Tyran, even if they have trouble speaking it themselves.


Locust they speak locust

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They definitely have their own written language - I seem to remember their symbols feature a lot in the collectables from the Gears 2 campaign.

But you never really hear them talk in their own language, unless when they grunt and roar after a kill or active reload, they are actually speaking haha

this is the locust alphabet


I think they speak English.
The locust alphabet might be a way to cover up messages from the COG’s figuring them out.
The Speaker in Gears 4 even spoke English.

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I’ve definitely heard Kantus call out “Humans” several times. Drones also sometimes say “More Power” when they hit an active reload.

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I assumed that in the comic, the locust are speaking their language but it’s “translated”.

Kinda like in Star Trek because everyone speaks their native language but they all have translator implants so it sounds like everyone speaks English, for the sake of a majority audience speaking English

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If you listen real carefully during all the games. From Gears 1 to Gears 3, they speak English with a heavy Russian accent

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wow, good find.