What kind of names do the locust have?

Hey guys I am trying to think about making my very own gears of war reboot and I need to know what kind of names do the locust have cause idk what kind of names they have like for example what kind of name is raam?

You mean like human names and how they have historical meanings? Like "RAAM - derived from the Nexus mythological deity RAA representing fertility; and “Mmmm” for “very tasty”?

Dave, Bob, Kevin…oh no they are Minion names :wink:

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Was named after a restaurant owner whose establishment that some of the Epic employees would frequent.

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My guess , given names like Raam and Skorge is they’d have names similar to Orcs in Lord of the Rings. Names that are kind of ugly sounding, with strange spellings, e.i. Bolg, Azog, Gothmog, Ugluk. etc.


So far, the only names we only really know of are RAAM, Skorge, Karn, Jermad, Sraak, Ukkon, Vrol & Droak.
There’s also a random drone named Praax. Which, honestly, I didn’t think normal drones had individual names.

So, I guess I’d just do violent-sounding stuff, add in some double Ks, As, etc., or like X Simian X said, make them sound like Orcs.
Or Skyrim dragons, even.

So, maybe something along the lines of: Gorr, Visrakk, Muutlait, Immol, Shaaxul or Maalgog.
Honestly… Muutlait might be kind of a stretch, but you get the idea.

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