What killed this Pouncer?

Looks like it committed suicide lol

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Ah yes, the rare Japanese Pouncer committing sudoku.


I think it slightly clipped into an out of bounds area and the game just resolves that by killing whatever’s in there.


The pouncer found out that it wouldn’t be able to reach top 100 to get Trinity Skorge.


Fun fact : This killbox zone already existed in Gears 4 as well. Saw more than one Pouncer die to it. Sometimes it even happens without the Pouncer actually falling it.

Now if only other enemies stuck under a map would have the same thing happen to them.


The Blood Drive Gods. As if the map wasn’t easy enough.
Then again, it can kill Jack too so I never fly over it if I am him.

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Power of God and Anime.

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Theres a death barrier on those parts of the map. Ive seen sentinels and guardians die there too. Jack can die there as well if the player isn’t careful.

I’ve seen Jacks die there several times. That is why I never fly over it.

It is a no fly zone.

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Big game tonight.

You should worry about that Giannis.

And not a silly pouncer.

it died from all those torn frames

The Heat got knocked so it doesnt matter to me what happens now. It would be cool if Phoenix won a title tho.

Lmao I didn’t realize your picture is dirk.

Maybe I should have clicked that before the joke :sob::joy:

But I’m cool with PHX. love cp3

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Oh, same thing that killed this Pouncer in Gears 4.

I did

I’m supposed to be the one with the hidden otherwordly powers here, not you.

Ah yes…back when the Embar was a deadly asset. Damn you longshot handling! Also I miss that Sniper marks increased dmg card :frowning:

even though MarkyMoo is a dangerous class in G5 I still think GoW4 had some better aspects.

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Do you notice how there’s nobody else around?

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So who’s to say that I didn’t have anything to do with it?

Anyway, it’s not like this is a particularly game changing thing, since Pouncers usually aren’t the most dangerous enemy or get focused down pretty quickly if they decide to hop into the base. Also, is there a reason why they never seem to get Bastion shielded?