What is your sensitivity settings for the controller?


Im curious about your sensitivity settings. I know everyone is different, but im having a hard time aiming in every game modes basically. Started with 28-25-25-10 (no deadzone whatsoever), but i always felt its too fast, so i went down to 27-24-24-10. Still trying to figure it out, but i want to stick with this settings for now to get used to it and build up my muscle memory.

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For me it’s 25-25-20-10. It works pretty well for me but everyone plays differently. Some people love max sensitivity while others prefer it to be slower for more accurate shooting.

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It seems most people feel like G5 is slower, but I actually had to turn down my settings from G4 by about 1-2 points. Now it feels about the same. Just keep making small adjustments until it feels right for you.

30 - 26 - 22 - 10 - 3 - 1

Nice, thanks for your input! My issue is this basically: Slower sens. is better for long range but not for closer fights, and faster sens. is better for close quarter combat, but horrible at long range. :smiley: The balance is the key. And muscle memory of course.


I’m hardly playing (6 matches of Hill and a few others) as I just can’t get on with it but anyway
27 27 27 10 1 1. Vibration and omniroll off.

Sometimes when tired I lower ads sensitivity to 27, 28

Deadzone as low as my controller can handle

Omni On
Invert Y

Just watched this:

Did the suggested changes, Control Scheme - Classic-Alt, then remapped the X button to A, and Y button to X to make it emulate default controls. It definitely feels better.

I went ahead and went with Avexys’s sensitivities also, 27-27-27-10-3-0. I went with 3 for inner deadzone, because my Razer Wildcat is too sensitive and strays at anything under 3. I also turned off omni-roll. Everything is definitely more snappy, and I can bounce way better.


Recently did this and it makes a big difference in the movement. Feels much more crisp and fast. Much closer to 4 now.

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Yea, don’t get why they have it register the button press for bouncing on button release for default, seems weird.

I have mine 10 20 20 invert y


I mean, welcome to the Forums!

But gross.

Old thread I know, but is switching to classic alt and remapping 2 buttons really of benefit?

Probably will play around on it some today, but not sure I’ve seen this before.

I’m sure the issue was with the default settings the input on the button only happened on the release of the button not when you pressed it. This was the delay that could be removed by changing to classic alt, I did it a couple of years back and it made a marginal improvement, it won’t obviously remove any delay built into the game itself.

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I tried it out a few games already. It does change the timing noticeably, but in a good way. It did seem like my paddles (set to zoom and mark instead of clicking) weren’t quite as responsive somehow. Might just be the newness or something.

Biggest thing was I felt “slick” and didn’t experience the wall sticks I sometimes do.

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The only thing I don’t like about defaulternate is that you cannot roadie run if you’re both within sliding distance of a wall, and your left stick and/or character is pointing to said wall. If those two criteria are met, then there is no way to roadie run and you will instead start sliding toward the wall. This was highly annoying when I first started using defaulternate and I ended up switching back to default a couple of times. Only on the 3rd try did I decide the drawbacks were worth it.

If I had the patience, I’d learn true alternate so I could freely roadie strafe near walls. Muscle memory is a ■■■■■ sometimes

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26-9-6-8-5-0 invert Y also

ive used invert y since i was 12 playing 007 golden eye on the n64