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What is your reason to keep playing GOW 4?

(Krylon Blue) #61

Nope, especially those that ruin the game for everyone north of the border. :wink:

(mizzelphug) #62

The only forum on the internet where you will get banned for repeating back pretty much anything said in the actual game which the forum is dedicated to, because bad words hurt children …or something?

To the modmins in a language they may understand: Sooory, eh. Not tryin ta start a donnybrook with you hosers. Flapjacks, bags of milk to ya.

(Krylon Blue) #63


(Cheddurbot7) #64

Idk maybe I just suck haha. We all know what this game has become and yet we still continue to play it knowing that that none of it will ever be fixed. Can’t wait til gears 5.

(Max Thinkies) #65

The game is extremely fun, I do find myself annoyed at organized teams who use rifles and play very defensive, and some maps make this very frustrating, but your fun depends on your team and mindset. Quick match however, I find it very boring to play when there are too many bots.

(Quinn Quiver) #66

I still play Gears 4 consistently out of Love for the franchise. No other game provides the blink of an eye reactions and the ability to completely destroy 5 opponents in seconds… in fact I recently uninstalled every game other than Gears Of War 1-4 UE and Judgment as I consider all other PvP experiences to be rather slow. All that being said Gears 4 does have glaring issues that annoy me every day but I tolerate them and continue playing.

(elBarricado133) #67

Cause UE’s koth and blitz population is non existent and gears 5 isn’t out yet.

(Duffman GB) #68

Join me on Gears 3 koth. I play it daily :+1:

(elBarricado133) #69

Every now and then its fun to go back. Hell i even toss in gow 2 (les gasp!). But UE was and always will be my fav gow for many many reasons. Some decisions like bringing back flinching are very perplexing in gow 4 as an example.

(mizzelphug) #70

I’ve recently been going back through and editing all my older UE clips .
Since the Xbox was auto-generating clips after each of the rare times I did well It made it seem like I was enjoying that game more than I did.

Movement and gameplay was clunky since it was ported Gears1 code but it did look loads better than I expected. Still had all the connection and lag problems I see in Gears4.

(Duffman GB) #71

On the subject of UE, I would certainly be up for some Hill/Blitz if you could get some more uk/euro players.

I last played a couple of weeks back, Still easy to get into tdm ( I tried searching for Hill for ages, time and time again, no dice) on USA servers, but that is far from ideal.

(Duffman GB) #72

Good stuff. I like the triple Tbow kill :+1:
You certainly know you way around a 2piece…that would wind me up no end. UE’s (and original of course) version of Beatdowns :wink:

In fairness everyone was doing it, including me no doubt.

I played UE KOTH to death until 4 came out, surprised I wasn’t in any of your clips being killed! I must have been to good…that is a joke btw :wink:

(elBarricado133) #73

Melee wad a gambit though back in the day. Any damage received during that time caused you to be stunned and killed. In 1v1 scenarios it was pheasable, anything more than that and you were not likely ro succeed. Sides id happily take UE style of play over later entries in the series anyday.

They say clunky (which don’t get me wrong it did happen) i say it was a form of commitment. You wall slide and if you made a bad play you paid the price. Now you can make a mistake and get out of jail scott free due to how fast this game moves and the wall cancels.

(therodt) #74

I just love Horde. I wish I could get my buddies to play tho.

(mizzelphug) #75

I was 2 piecing everyone since Judgment until Gears 4 added that melee stun/delay.

I only played on the US East/Mexico’s server with the occasional Asia server to insure I could get into a match against friends so there is a slim chance we played together.

(Green Soda King) #76

I honestly prefer Gears 1-3 over Judgement and Gears 4. Not really caught up with Gears 4 that very often because it’s pretty boring for me. I played it once after craving to play it; then I just got pretty bored of it.

Too much e-sports pandering and broken lootbox system. Not only that; the season pass DLC content is pretty bad. I dunno if I ever wanna go back to playing Gears 4. I’ll still look into Gears 5 just not with a lot of high expectations.

Definitely skipping Tactics and not interested in Funko Pop.

(o Magical Hobo) #77

I don’t … I quit a long time ago and play games that work ^.^

(I am Gears Noob) #79

I keep playing because of the wonderful lag free experience…the way you can always hear other players footsteps around you and the most balanced matchmaking in any game out today.

(mizzelphug) #81

(Link23809) #82

Friends. I’ve been playing Gears with the same core group of friends since Gears 1. It’s become more than Gears at this point, it’s a way for us to keep in touch on a consistent basis. We play once or twice a week with 8-10 player private lobbies.

I still play Ranked here and there but 99% of my gameplay with Gears 4 is with friends.

We just haven’t been able to find a better game than Gears honestly. The focus on team play is unlike many games out there.