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What is your reason to keep playing GOW 4?

(Tvnmvy) #41

Black steel characters and love for weapon skin ,

(ReaganSmash1985) #42

Because it’s a blast to play. Not denying how frustrating it can be in many different ways but bottom line is Gears 4 is still a lot of fun. Currently loving Escalation with core tuning and watching the Pro Circuit.

(CAMOS GIRL 1) #43

I agree

(mizzelphug) #44

It’s probably glitched on you too.
I’ve said it many times before but I’m around 40K kills in that game but have been randomly reset so many times that it won’t pop. First reset hit right when TC added social kills to the count. (previously only ranked)

After the 3rd reset this is my current tracking count below and it still hasn’t popped. (doing 2v2, with a friend, both split screening & trading kills)

(JBEEZ44) #45

I just love GOW, I’ve been playing since 2006 the first week GOW1 dropped

(OneButtNugget) #46

I usually get stressed out by this game, this is why i play gears 3.

(RedHulk1973) #47

Well said!

(ImpairedLemur) #48

A good friend of mine built a gears suit for cosplay and when I saw it, I went out and bought the first game and an X box 360 just to play it! Later on, I was offered the chance to buy the suit, which I did. I then went to Best Buy in the suit when Gears of War 3 came out!

(W33DKingCA EiTz) #49

Nothing, Need OSOK back, a.k.a Shotgun snipers, anything with snipers/shotguns, only thing that gets me and keeps me playing.

(Duffman GB) #50

What do you play ?
I’m on most evenings, (UK) Almost exclusively KOTH.

(Creepn N Reapin) #51

For my play experience and style GOW4 TDM it’s still better than most of the other games I’ve played. It’s repetitive but I still find it fun AF! I used to love the Halo(s) and COD titles, along with a few other franchises, but the spawn killing, and ridiculous amount of cheating was annoying. I feel the GOW franchise does a lot to minimize and balance the game experience, even when they took away the Hammerburst semi-auto and ruined K/D ratio.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #52

Gears 4 TDM is really fun and flexible up through the mid Onyx levels. You can come in with a number of styles and approaches and find success.
At the upper levels is very rigid and unforgiving. There’s certain things you pretty much have to do on each map or you’ll get crossed out, trapped, etc. I don’t have much fun in those lobbies. It’s a lot of work.

(Krylon Blue) #53

Those lobbies are very map lock down heavy and nothing but cross fire. Every round I play there comes down to a tied match or up by one and both teams try and hold their position til rounds end. It’s boring as hell in the higher tiers.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #54

Wait, KOTH? I got bored from Gears 3 because I only can find TDM matches,

(Duffman GB) #55

Yes mate.
Always has players on. Usually shows between 40-100 active playerbase. Even when it shows zero players,there are still plenty of people about.

Played about 4 games last night, all games were 70-100% human players.

You do have to except that some games are very laggy and buggy. I just quit and find another match. The only other annoyance is host migration, when the host quits, usually if they are about to lose.

When you get a consistent connection the game is so brilliant of course. I will play it over 4 anytime.

Speaking of tdm, that is the only mode that is played on UE, which is such a shame. Hill on Gears 1 maps is also brilliant.

(Cheddurbot7) #56

Gow4 is broken, I wish I could find a match of people with simular pings so maybe it could be fair. I’m onyx 2 in every gameplay and will never go higher because all the onyx 3 and diamonds connections are so supperier that I’m not even sure I’m shooting bullets sometimes…so toxic.

(Krylon Blue) #57

I highly doubt the lag is holding your rank back but it certainly does make it more difficult to succeed. You should generally still be ranked in your bracket though. Trust me, I’m a Diamond and experience the exact same lag issues that you deal with if not worse. Being from Illinois with a 100% Fiber connection is screwing me over so much it’s not even funny.


False. I find it hilarious. I love to laugh at your pain Krylon (Aka ______-Cleaner)

(Krylon Blue) #59

Lmfao love how you kept it PG. :joy:


Well, this is the official forums of one of the top selling M rated video game franchises of all time. We wouldn’t want to hurt any feelings now, would we? :joy: