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What is your reason to keep playing GOW 4?


…you then play board games!:+1:

(mizzelphug) #22

Most of them were easy to do. Some were just drudging up more of the same stuff I had already done 10 times over. UE is still glitched for me so I cannot get Seriously to unlock.

(Goodacre) #23

no other MP game like it in the industry.

Last of Us 2 might be something to look at if Naughty Dog gives Factions a chance.

(villa casual 42) #24

I done the jingle juvies achievement the day before it finished. Before that I can’t remember when I last played.
I love gears franchise and horde.
Just can’t be bothered with the toxicity and quitters.
I come on the forums at least every other day.
But at the moment I’m loving playing red dead 2.
I always played horde with my wife. Now I’m downstairs on rdr2 and she’s upstairs on shadow of the tomb raider. That’s one bit of fun I miss on gears 4,the fun and laughs we had night after night.

(Rs Procells) #25

Honestly because Gow has no competition. There is no other game like gow… Its like in its own little lane. Where would I go to get the same fun experience. CoD players can go to BF, Counter Strik, Tom Clancy ect… and enjoy themselves. Lets face it the only game out on the market that is a cover based shooter is The Division and the multiplayer on that game is dookie.

(ShreddDiinG) #26

Love of the game.

Anyone who’s still here knows this.


(Duffman GB) #27

Not true at least not KOTH. I play it almost daily and in late afternoon, evenings we have full lobbies. All glistening golden wings, well mostly. The connection can be another thing entirely mind you.

(Duffman GB) #28

As a few others have said on this thread and others preceding it, I keep playing 4 as although it can frustrate me like almost nothing else, when it works and everything comes together there is NO feeling in gaming like it.
This goes for Gears in general. I love everything about Gears, except maybe esports. I feel that has actually been detrimental to Gears rather than enhancing it.
I do play other games but when I switch the Xbox on I invariably put Gears on , be it any of the games .
Gears3 is my absolute favourite, I’m enjoying messing about on J at the moment as well, just for something different.

(iTiiDuS iNc) #29

My personal biggest issue is what now is known as the Core-setting.
It made Gears horrible since Title Update 6 in Gears2.
It made Gears 3 the biggest noobfest in History and it needs to die.
Or restricted to quick matches.
There are a very few other issues I wont adress here.
But other then hat I LOVE this game.
It is the first since 2008 kept me from playing Gears 1.
In fact it will be hard for Gears 5 keeping me from playing that game for another 2 years.
And I definitely play other Games since I have a Gamerscore >200.000

(R SW1PE) #30

I’m still playing because I enjoy it…most of the time anyway. Enjoyment is mostly dependent on the connection and how many stacked teams I face.

At this point, I’m just waiting to see when Gears 5 is releasing. I’ll finish with Gears 4 a couple of months before 5 comes out so I can have a break and play some other games. I don’t want ot be going from 4 straight to 5.

(XpL Ultrax) #31

I am still playing Gears 4 almost every day cause of it game mechanics. The movement is really unique compared to other games. I love to outplay people and get those doubles, triples or even quads.

It feels so satisfying to get those kills, when you outplay a 1v1 or even a 1v2.

Sometimes I like to play other games for a little f.e Battlefield V or now when Crackdown 3 comes out. But I always seem to come back to Gears 4 no matter what game is coming out. Its just the best game in my opinion.

(TheWhiteZephyr) #32

Achievements mostly. I bounce from UE to 4 a lot. I only need the Seriously… achievement on UE. Waiting for it to pop because i have over 10k kills. Gears 4 can be fun but it can also be very frustrating. I just hope 5 fixes most of the problems 4 has.

(J4CKA1) #33

ill come back to 4 to finish out the campaign achievements when my partner is ready to go. other than that i don’t play anymore

(S T Y R A N K l) #34

To put it very bluntly…

It’s my go-to online shooter when I want competition. And I really like Escalation.


I was about to thumbs this up, but then I read the above statement…:joy:

(S T Y R A N K l) #36

C’mon, Escalation is fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope…just nope…:neutral_face:

(S T Y R A N K l) #38

It is fun if you don’t play Gears for fun :joy:


Oh I do! And Escalation isn’t fun🤣

(S T Y R A N K l) #40

Well there’s your problem; you play for fun :laughing: