What is your reason to keep playing GOW 4?

The game has been out for over 2 years now and I, along with many others, know the game is in bad shape with all the connection issue and yes, the “broken” ranking system. Me personally, as many know, I left this game behind a few months ago and have moved on to RDR 2 and with Metro, Crackdown and Far cry coming out in 2 weeks, I won’t even think about Gears until some kind of showing of a trailer or whatnot. Yes I will still frequent the forums because I can and like to BS with friends here. So, why are you still playing the game?


I just enjoy playing horde with friends, I try to get diamond in Ranking too but there is always BS happening so I sit in Onyx 3.

So as you are the one who created this topic, I can see it becoming very interesting, I am preparing my popcorn!


I have friends who play it.
It’s one of the few multiplayer games I like.
The art of movement is fascinating to me and I like developing those skills.

And, the #1 reason I still play GOW4 in 2019; there’s NO DANCING.


Because I enjoyed the previous titles, in other words, because it’s “gears.” Small part of me expects the next one to be better but even I know I’m being naive.
This is just the short version at least…


Unfortunately, life doesn’t give me the free time I used to have so I rarely play more than two matches every few days. These days I’m back on Arkham Knight, again.

Gears 4 just doesn’t have that replayability that 3 had, I get bored very fast. 90% of topics are about ranks, it’s pathetic. Diamond 5 is not an accomplishment as so many see it. Any idiot with a half decent squad and a ridiculous amount of time can soar up to it. The whole system should be removed for Gears 5 and therefore we swiftly avoid all issues, like it used to be. Keep with the levels/wings, that’s it.

Oooh, Crackdown. I remember the first one. Standing on a 5ft high ledge and looking down to a trash can only to hear the guys voice going “I can see my house from here!”. Good times.


Gears 3 is dead

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However, saying that I happen to know a few people that still play it. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t still triumph, stomp on, stand back and stomp again on Gears 4.

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Hey #3! Glad to know you’ll still be on the forums👍

So here’s story on how I started to play Gears and why I still play…

So I got an Xbox back in 2017, and it came pre-installed with GoW4. So I played the campaign and bots for awhile, Because I didn’t have XBL. Then a friend of mine (we have since fallen out of touch, which is pretty much my fault😶) and he heard that I had GoW, which he played a lot himself, and when he found out that I didn’t XBL, he got one for me January 2018.
So i’ve actually only been playing Gears 4 for a little over a year now, and (@GB6_Kazuya) this is the first and only Gears game I have ever played. So I don’t have the other titles to compare it to.

Then this is the first community that I have ever really been a part of, and I just have started to feel assimilated into it. I also just really enjoy playing it


Love the Gears series for sure but still disappointed with TC as a company. I also have friends that play but we have found ourselves over the past month playing less and less. We have been playing more of Gears 3 horde and versus. To me ya Gears 3 is older but think the game from the campaign to versus is much better under Epic along with the achievement tracker which is way more detailed than TC’s. Another reason I’ve been playing Gears 3 more, the sounds are much better and on versus under private you still earn XP points(even in campaign).

I got into gears cause I liked the co-op, By Gears 3 was before all the toxicity seem to flood the game industry and I often had great time regardless of who I played the game with, but hanging out with friends made it so much better.

By time of Judgement, it just wasn’t the same game. They did things that made the game so much worse. Then GoW4 came and though it wasn’t GoW3, it reminded me a little of 1 and 2. I then got to see the toxicity kick, especially in Horde. Which made zero sense to me. Friends left and playing with randoms was more annoying then fun. Came becaue of wife and son liked playing Gears. So I came back to help them, Still hate the toxicity that I see in Horde, It seems better then it was.

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Oh I love that. All that means is that the toxic people have given me permission to be toxic to them. I never take the low-road, but if someone else does…all bets are off🤣

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… And randomly kicking from server.

Shame, I love horde 2.0

I play still because my wife loves to play and we both get sit down at night and enjoy ourselves after the kids go to bed… try to enjoy our selves I should say. The game is fun but can be very frustrating at times!


Just bought the game 3 weeks ago on pc, play only social because I don’t want to wait 10 mins for a ranked match everytime.

Family & friends who still play is why I stick around.

…and that last annoying achievement that eludes me.

Gears is my go to Xbox franchise, no matter how rough the downs can be.


I play for the bewilderment… I enjoy making this face.


It’s the only multiplayer game I still have installed so I can play with a friend of mine on weekends when he’s not working graveyard shift.

I tried to play Gears 3 with my best friend’s son but his A,D.D. is so bad that by the time we finally got into a match he backed out and loaded up Gears4. Then I switched to play Gears4 with him, setup a lobby and he quit to go play Fortnite. He seems to have more fun loading games than playing them. lol.

It was for the achievements.

Gears 4 was to be my first and likely last time I would work towards 100% in this series - but sadly they decided to keep moving the goal posts and I was too exhausted to keep going. I probably would have stopped trying following the second batch had I known where things were going.

I thought Gears 4 was fine, but I don’t like it when developers disrespect my time by assuming that playing their game is the only thing I do.


My wife doesn’t like videogames, so after ‘kids’ go to bed… :see_no_evil: