What is your *perfect* PvE team?

Thought this would be a fun idea for a discussion.

If you could hand pick every class in your squad for the right synergy and playstyle you prefer, what would your team be?

Mine for Horde:

  • Robotics Expert
  • Anchor
  • Nomad
  • Striker
  • Pilot

They all synergize really well with no one class stomping out the others. Anchor provides stim to help Nomad and Striker stay more aggressive, Pilot stuns and provides heavy support to keep from getting overloaded, RE can more comfortably fight for sniper kills to repair his stuff, and every Ult on the team becomes a “get the ■■■■ out of our faces” backup plan if things break down, with Striker, Pilot and RE all providing major bleed for bosses. Realistically, too, only the Pilot should need a locker at all, making fortification building a breeze.

So what’s yours? Horde or Escape, doesn’t matter.

(Also, inb4 @RelaxingKoty says all five Blademasters.)


Until a Kestrel shows up and we spend 5 minutes Clawing it to death lol

My ideal team, this is what I think the most meta team would be without any exploits or glitches :

Pilot (best class in the game to me)
Gunner (stuns, team support, ult)
Anchor (high damage, team support, ult)
Robot Expert (Best engineer by far)
Blademaster (do i need to explain)

For Escape, I’m going with OG Hivebusters.


RE for barriers/lockers/
Tact for explosive damage/ammo/health regen
Demo for explosive damage/bosses
Marksman for 1 shotting Scions/Warden/DR1s
Infiltrator for CQC/Invisibility when everyone goes down

For Escape I would go with original 3 hivebusters

Anchor for Best overall DPS in Escape
BM for CQC and crowd control
Tact for explosive damage/ammo regen since ammo is somewhat scarce

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Yup. I agree.

While TC made a real hash of balancing the original launch Horde characters; they did a reasonable job with balancing the Escape launch characters. At least conceptually. I recognise that the venom-based cards weren’t added until around maybe a month or so after launch and they made a big difference, but conceptually these 3 characters had a nice balance about them as a team even from launch. It was clear they were built for Escape and a reasonable amount of thought was put in.


Only need one guy in my PVE team - Michael Shannon :raised_hands:

Edit: thanks guys, I’m available for bookings and parties.



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The first team that comes to mind for a try hard win are:

-Marksman (long-range, add-clear, could maybe freeze bosses)

-Inflitrator (CQC bodyguard, tanking, high boss DPS, invisible clutch medic)

-Pilot (crowd control/AoE damage, stun support, Silverback makes great emergency Anti-Air and can easily stop wipes with how unstoppable it can be)

-Jack (fantastic revive/stun support bot, can be CQC’s Bastion and can hide when the team gets wiped then hijack to turn the tide).

-Robotics Expert (can more easily expand and maintain a base covering the map with snipe repairs, and fastest Tap repair with Combat Engineer, Ult can be a brief decoy while potentially doing good boss damage on it’s own).

That said, I can’t say that this team necessarily synergizes well. I’m not super picky about exact classes as long as it is well-rounded and adaptable.

As long as my team can handle long-range, CQC, some form of AoE/crowd control, tanking, and a support, I’m good.

For Escape, I think of Nomad/Brawler and Tactician. Not sure what a third would be (since I haven’t had one in a while lol RIP) but in that mode I highly value self-sufficiency, and even a team of these three could be built to cover a lot.


The guy who half-■■■■■ the “new” spawns and completely broke audio and a bunch of AI-related rules in the process? Hell no, glad he can’t tarnish 6 with his presence anymore.

Worst opinion I’ve seen on here.



For Boss Rush (because I can’t help myself):
Demo/Tact/Gunner/ 2 BM or
Gunner/Pilot/Engineer/combat medic/blademaster

For everything else
Anchor/Pilot/Veteran/BM/robotics expert

For @RelaxingKoty


For Escape



30 gamerscore? Who are you REALLY? :wink:


@staindgrey What’s yours for escape?

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  1. Demo
  2. Gunner
  3. Pilot
  4. Marksman
  5. Poor Robotic Experts
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This is my exact way of thinking, myself.

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I’m not as big of an Escape guy. Once I mastered them all I was pretty much done with the mode unless friends want to play it.

I suppose…


And my entire reason for that is that each one can solo if the other two die, in their own special way lol. I should get back into Escape now that I’ve probably forgotten the specifics of a lot of the Hives.


What made you gravitate towards horde more than escape? It’s obviously not simply a difficulty issue since you’ve mastered all maps (that’s the reason I’m more familiar with.).

I don’t really care for Escape that much. The whole not having ammo or the guns I want just doesn’t appeal to me, which is why 99% of my runs are on Brawler. I’ll Master them all hopefully in the coming months, not quite half there, but meh. I am #11 in the world amazingly enough for Master runs on The Wanderer, and I was yesterday #1 for The Detour runs in general (607) but the dude must have noticed I passed him and I’ll have to take back my throne again shortly.

I like what @RelaxingKoty said in the response and basically agree with that completely.

I know for me, when my grinding for yellows is done, I’ll mostly revert to my main classes of Pilot, Jack, and Nomad where I can. I think I’d like those 3 on any team because they can handle quite a lot, but they’re lacking certain types of boss damage.

The dream team, I mean if you want to make it easy and guarantee the highest chance of clears, has to have a Demo though. Too many maps like Asylum that are pretty wide open and a Kestrel will wipe you, same with Clocktower, but Demo pushes Y a few times and bye bye.

So probably for me:
-Robotics Expert
-Jack or Nomad

I think either Jack or Nomad provide early juvie control for 1-50 and all other small guys, I’d prefer Jack for Frenzy and Nomad for 1-50. With the understanding this is Kill Jack running all hijack cards. His job like the others is to massacre with extreme prejudice.

On a 1-50, the concern would be both Pilot and Demo being locker dependent early so I need Nomad and Anchor to deal with the early wave nonsense and let Pilot and Demo use their explosives more sparingly until they’re developed.

That being said, for me the team is also map dependent. Put me in a 1-50 on Nexus or Blooddrive and I’ll destroy as Nomad with Rain Down included there too. But if we’re on Canals there’s no way I don’t want a Blademaster or Infiltrator, same with Exhibit. So then I’d probably ditch the Nomad for one of those classes.

Horde just offers more variety, to me. I like Escape in concept, and I do find it interesting, but whereas in Horde the fabricator placement, engineering style and what exactly spawns can change so much, each Hive is fairly straightforward by comparison. I feel that the flow of a Horde match can shift, too, a lot more depending on the class makeup and playstayles, while each Hive has a pretty standard way of progressing regardless of what classes are picked. That’s just by its nature; it’s a game mode where you’re forced to progress forward to avoid coming death.

Keep in mind, none of these are digs at Escape, just in comparison to Horde for me personally. I can play Horde all month. But I’m kind of done with Escape after a weekend.


Well you’re obviously wrong and here’s why…jkjk

I get what you saying. It probably just depends on how one plays either mode. You could probably make either stale or fun depending on your approach.