What is your New Year's resolution in relation to Gears?

(Omen LP) #41

I think I finally found the right team to play with to make onyx in at least one of: dodgeball, guardian, or tdm…

This would have seem laughable only weeks ago…


I’ve had a couple different teams invite me to their games. And it makes a world of difference. Still don’t have one of my own though. So far, it’s just me and this one other guy named David

(Omen LP) #43

I gave up on going beyond gold in KOTH. It just requires too much coordination and awarness, and I rarely play with a full team where everyone is like that AND want to play koth. Even 1 random tends to frack things up, quitting, being stupud, etc

(DownInFlames85) #44

So far, so good. Finished the last of my Rise of the Horde Ironman achievements tonight (Sniper) - All that’s left is the two 2v2 Gnashers.

(CAMOS GIRL 1) #45


(Andy UFC fan) #46

Get the remaining achievements and uninstall forever.



(DownInFlames85) #48

Finished 25 wins, but the “Butt-Crack” is going to be the end of me.
Only 40% at the moment - last one I need.