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What is your New Year's resolution in relation to Gears?

(Omen LP) #41

I think I finally found the right team to play with to make onyx in at least one of: dodgeball, guardian, or tdm…

This would have seem laughable only weeks ago…


I’ve had a couple different teams invite me to their games. And it makes a world of difference. Still don’t have one of my own though. So far, it’s just me and this one other guy named David

(Omen LP) #43

I gave up on going beyond gold in KOTH. It just requires too much coordination and awarness, and I rarely play with a full team where everyone is like that AND want to play koth. Even 1 random tends to frack things up, quitting, being stupud, etc

(Fatalist Flames) #44

So far, so good. Finished the last of my Rise of the Horde Ironman achievements tonight (Sniper) - All that’s left is the two 2v2 Gnashers.

(CAMOS GIRL 1) #45


(Andy UFC fan) #46

Get the remaining achievements and uninstall forever.



(Fatalist Flames) #48

Finished 25 wins, but the “Butt-Crack” is going to be the end of me.
Only 40% at the moment - last one I need.

(Novablaze94) #49

I have a few Gears of War resolutions. Mainly get my youtube up and running. I want to get a few achievements in the older games. I want to get seriously in Gears of War UE and I want to get Seriously 3.0 in Gears of war 3.

(Duffman GB) #50

Good goals. How far off seriously on UE are you ? It could take a while…
I try and get games but very small user base and only TDM from what I can see.
Fortunately I already got when it first came out.

As for 3, it is the only thing I need, I’m chipping away but not overly concerned.

(Novablaze94) #51

When i was grinding for it, (i havnt recently due to the challenges in gears 4 and wanting to 100% mass effect 1) i was around 4100 or maybe 4200 kills, which is around 700 or so more than i had when i started grinding for the achievement

(Omen LP) #52

I got to various levels of Gold in all the nornal Core modes (don’t play Arms Race), so next season will aim for an Onyx in something… Probably Dodgeball, or maybe TDM/Guardian…

(Fatalist Flames) #53

Sorry to revive an older thread but I just finished my goal/resolution of adding Gears 4 to my completed Gears games.

Check the “Butt-Crack” off the list. It’ll be nice to play 2v2 Gnashers the proper way again, instead of praying for your teammate to go down :sweat_smile:



Congrats man!

(Fatalist Flames) #55

Thanks man :beers:

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(Fatalist Flames) #57

Haven’t updated my gamerpic on here lol