What is your New Year's resolution in relation to Gears?

(BIack 8eard) #21

Whatt happens when you lose the initial and get spawn trapped?


Dude, don’t bring that here


So in other words, you are one of those people that like to ruin the game for others just because you get upset with high pingers?

(Omen LP) #24

Lol… expand beyond koth, to play other modes…

Try to not get pissed off so much by stupid random team mates…

(Tw1std Nitem4re) #25

I would like to play with a team as well. I’m no sweaty, so feel free to add me!

(ImplantedLion72) #26

I would continue to help my wife be a better player, at Horde mostly with some campaign, to get us both ready for the Gears 5 release.

(ImplantedLion72) #27

You guys at the GFC do a great job with your events! Keep up the good work for good causes and you’ll always find those who will help out.

(S IK O IR G E) #28

Try to care about Gears in 2019 when Gears 5 inevitably has the same problems as Gears 4, plus some new ones.

(villa casual 42) #29

Try to play horde again.
Kinda lost my way, but gonna find the yellow brick road.

(Duffman GB) #30

Join me on 2.0, far more fun mate :wink:

(xFribbo) #31

I’m working on hitting at least diamond 3 in every mode I play each season, also improve my over-cover combat to get more confident in situations like that.

So far got 3/3 diamonds!
(Update : For anyone who cares Diamond 2 in TDM, Diamond 4 in 2v2, and Diamond 2 in KOTH.)

(CAMOS GIRL 1) #32

To slow down and work on my wall bouncing I always want to run in and it works like 50 percent of the time but I need to work on my kd bad

(AliceInChainsaw) #33

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever read. Imagining someone spending a few hours ‘playing’ gears and this is their playstyle… Just hoarding power weapons and hiding around the map not killing anything. Hahahahahah


Then why are you always spamming on forums?


I personally find his posts hilarious. Keep it up Tony.


Because it’s a forum. I come here to find out new things and to keep up with my forum friends.

(xFribbo) #37

Can’t you see that Tony is also a veteran? He’s earned the right to spam :joy:


I didn’t, I yet I do it anyway lol!

(S IK O IR G E) #39

Hating on the game can be more fun than playing it, lol. Posts don’t have high pings. :stuck_out_tongue:

(villa casual 42) #40

Thanks bud I’ll take you up on the offer sooner or later