What is your go to Horde Main and what is your card setup?

Lately I’ve gone back to Kate. She is so good playing solo. Im using Blood resonance,Laceration, cloak batteries, reaper, and enhanced stim. I stay really curios about what characters others like to run and the setup. I always learn something new when I ask.

Anyone that isn’t meta and any cards that are fun

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Maybe it would help to specify level of difficulty.

I rarely see anyone running master with Sarah Conner and a gnasher build.

I play master in incon most of the time. But I don’t use guest characters either.

Remove the reaper and enhanced stim and replace them cards for chain & gnasher damage

Press X during your cloak ability to drones/imagos and watch how you wipe out the enemies more quicker.

On master it’s the handful of meta characters i’ve leveled up, and carded up to the gills. Kait, Marcus, JD, and my Baird at 17 if i’m engineer. These are the reliables who i can pick and join a random master lobby and not get the side eye. My Keegan is almost ready for the big leagues. Kait is my first pick, she’s cheap, i know her well, and she can blow out gobs of damage with her shotguns, and her Special can be a life saver, or pick off those pesky drones hunkered down in cover in the back nine. On Inconcievable or lower i could pick anyone according to mood, the map, team makeup, or knocking out the dailies. In the past, on Inconcievable i’d usually be Grace, but now that she’s dead, i don’t pick her anymore. She’s not even fun in advanced past like wave three frenzy - and i’ve got all her Cards to level six, except the Gold GSD card which is level five. Lahni, Emile or Cole are my go to’s if i want to run around on the front with melee.


I’m a Cog Gear main. I’ve said this in many different threads, but Cog Gear has to be one of the most underrated characters in the game. If there are already damage dealers in the game, I keep them alive with Cog Gear. There are Frenzy games where I’ll have 30+ revives. I’m tanky enough where I can run across the map to grab a Kait or Lahni who downed.

I’ll typically run:
Helpful Headshots for that beautiful stim
Razors Edge
Perfect condition (All three of these to make myself tanky as hell.)
Custom Lancer/Team Repair (Team repair if there is no engineer in the game.)

Cog Gear has never failed me, and I urge you and everyone else to give them a shot. Gear is so so SO good if you’re ok with not being a top damage dealer. Couldn’t recommend them more.


This is my loadout for Kait on Master/inconcievable as well. I don’t use the stim cards or the cloak battery. It’s all gnasher and the gold cloak card. Blood Resonance, Gnasher mastery, laceration, speed loader, and the Gold Cloak extender card. I figure the stim gets busted in a nanosecond. If i’m running out of time on the ult or meat to shield i’m heading home. I’m also not running away from the base or the team, (save rare occasions) so in theory they can easily (and more importantly quickly) pick me up if i make a boo boo.

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@SPARGELKOHL I agree. Cog gear is way under valued. His special is the bees knees.

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It’s all personal preference, end of the day if it works for you and you are happy with it then it’s all good.

I prefer to run on cloak batteries, chain, blood resonance, laceration and gnasher damage. When I’m running with these cards I’m likely to get loads of kills from neck cracking enemies by pressing x during her cloak.

I tend to main Jack as a repair/medic/forger or Del as a fortification builder (not sentry focused - just enough to hold’em back). I find it fun to build impenetrable bases :grin:

Typically, most folks, including my friends I play with, find those two roles to be boring, but I always happily play them. I’m pretty much a support character player through and through.


You can tank a good amount of damage with enhanced stim. Her stim build is better for escape than horde though.

Her level five Gold cloak extending card seems to do it for me, and i’d rather be able to pump out more damage with the easy and far more reliable actives the ‘speed loader’ provides. By now after all the time i’ve spent i’m pretty good at getting my head down, peek a boo, and blindfire shot over and around cover. Plus i don’t usually stray from home. The blindfire took me the longest to get a handle on because the sensitivity seems different, and you’ve got to use your zen eye to line up the barrel with the target, But i’ll try your build tonight.

For Funsies: Paduk with Execution Build, Lahni and finally Fahz.

For Master Sessions: Clayton with Explosives Stun Build, Kait with that killer bleed and Baird.

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Not to mention his passive. I actually forgot to mention it myself. That health regen buff for everyone is amazing if you’re playing with regen modifier on

Paduk can be god tier in master horde if you’re smart. I’ve cleaned out whole waves executing with the retro and Boltok stun.

I’d imagine knowing when to execute is key, I’ve seen other Paduk players gracefully freak out small crowds with ease, only issues I’ve had is sometimes there’s a weird delay with the Fear effect triggering so by the time I finish the execution animation I’m down, not to mention sometimes enemies still attack you when under Fear which is a major drag on Master.

Oh and missing a retro charge just because a target lazily moved to either side during. :joy:

Yes there are minor problems with Paduk. But I typically do just fine if I pick my engagements correctly. I have to keep myself from going too gung ho at times hahaha. I just love playing balls to the wall and Paduk really fits my play style when I want to go crazy.

With Paduck, who i find to be hilarious. “DIE GRUB CHILD” among his many other choice lines and delievery, i was working him up through the ranks and decided to go the execution route but after a handfull of matches i wasn’t satisfied with my contribution. I tried gnasher power up, along with the execution based fear cards in different combos and different weaponry. Retro and Gnasher. Retro and Chainsaw lancer. It’s like here i come a brief pause and they all run like the dickens. yeah you get some sweet plays on bots with the extra damage comming out of the gnasher but i wasn’t feeling it. Tried his bleed on stim card, and i found my self playing cautious around the cover so as to not lose the stim and therefore the bleed. So i swapped it all out for the Markza build, and the first match, i’m like "oh i like this, this might be my jam here with him, the damage output was much better (comparitively) and i mostly just hung back as long gun. But alas My Paduck game is still a work in progress. I’ve got a while to go till i’ve got him down.

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Something I’ve been finding fun is using JD built around using the Torque bow and the GL (not the grenades unless for bosses) I perk up my critical damage first and have fun headshotting with the Torque then on smaller enemies use the GL (with the mastery and damage cards).