What is your current Tour of Duty rank?

General like two weeks ago on my main

Doing it on this account now

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I laughed, good job!

Could really care less about TOD, I think I’m 9/52.

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I just hit captain yesterday. I’m working on the Heroes category right now. One day I’ll have good teammates and I’ll be able to get the ranked wins ones or I’ll get better and be able to pick up more slack. I’m usually only the middle scoring player on my team.

Edit: changed “versus” to “ranked wins” for clarification.

Versus can be done in Co-op vs AI for the most part.

Major Sergeant 3 III think it was? I’ve played a decent amount of versus but I haven’t really looked at horde, escape at all.

Colonel 2 about 8 stars from 3

Some kind of Major. I don’t know. The Tour of Duty system is silly. I’m getting a distinct Duty Calls vibe from all this.

It’s even relevant when it comes to the stupid reverse omen, :neutral_face:

Colonel III. I slowed down once I found out the team rock skins have a Gears 5 logo on them for no good reason.

Oh right, I meant the ranked wins. I’m making steady progress on the versus challenges.

No life. People from the Netherlands have all the time in the world. Geez


Segeant Major III currently.

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I stopped at sergeant major 2 about 2 weeks ago. I just got tired of the grinding on game modes I don’t care for. Plus the rewards were meh.
I enjoyed unlocking rewards from 3 and 4 better.

How TH are so many people general rank already? I play every single day, EVERY DAY MAAAN, and I am like half way, senior corporal 3 I think it;s called.

Just go after the daily challenges and medals. If you’re not working towards the medals or daily challenges, you won’t level up as quickly. Regardless you still have 2 more months to complete it.

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Congrats man, & welcome to the club :sweat_smile:

General rank here.

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Completed Tour of Duty #1 a couple days ago. The only medals that are left is Challenge hives mastered 2/10 & Escalation matches won 2/10


If you are done or almost done, you spent iron. Lol. Yet everyone says “I’m not buying that”.

This is where you’re wrong.

As someone who hasn’t spent Iron to re-roll Daily Objectives, it’s entirely possible by now to have reached General Rank and gotten Team Rock Weapon Skins. But would have had to play every day since Launch and gotten lucky with most possible number of stars.

I mentioned earlier that I had 12 stars left to Team Rock Weapon Skins, but someone else could have gotten luckier with more stars from Daily Objectives. I’ve had days where it gives me not much, or three Objectives are 1 stars.

FYI, I have 96% Medals done as well. So however many stars that is + free Daily Objectives every day would lead to General Rank or Team Rock.


Nothing, zilch, nada.

I haven’t played a single match yet. Oh! But I’ve got some Components in Campaign. Impressive, I know. :sunglasses: