What is wrong with this game?

LOL this gears is the worst second only to judgement. They, once again, split the weapon tunings and game modes. They didn’t include a beast mode. They ruined horde tying characters to abilities. They force you to play horde or escape to unlock new characters. All new characters would have to have abilities for arcade mode (which is for causal bot noobs) which only delays new characters from being put into the game. I would rather have the credit system brought back .


Lol, I’ve been stuck on silver 2 since release.
And I gave up weeks ago.
No matter how much i win quitter’s prevent me from ranking up.

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Before we talk about petty things like rank and crap. Can we talk about other things?

Why did they throw out all the progress they made in Gears 4? TC WAS DOING A GOOD JOB WITH 4!

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74% done and I’m going back to g4…this game is just stupid…

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Actually I like the splitting the player base with different weapon tuning because what’s apparent from this launch is that we are split. Their are a lot of people who love core/casual tuning, camping, lancer/rifle play, emotes, bloodsprays, colorblast whatever. Also a great place for the casual to get a feel for the movement, and aiming in Gears. It’s not for me though. I want a competitive tuning similar to Gears 4 but better! So do the pros and most serious competitive players. Split them but please don’t restrict the play modes for anything. Let us have the ability to select the game type at will. Well, I’m not sure I’d want competitive Arms race but I think you get me. I suppose in a way the Custom lobbies do this but it’s not structured and orderly like a offical ranked match.

Gears 3 had quick play king of the Hill and ranked king of the hill. I don’t understand this forcing a rolling play mode. In Comp warm-up in Gears 4 90% of the time it was koth except when you first start a match and they bring all the players together to start a new lobby or when that first match was over, koth not being an available choice. You would think that data alone would have told TC something.

I don’t understand TC insistence that we play things we don’t wish to. This should not be a chore, it is a game that I play to get my competitive fix. I like King, Escalation, Execution and TDM. Arms race and arcade and other gimmicky (not sure that’s a word by feels right) play modes along side other “event” play types like TBow tag or Golden Gun. Really TC can keep their campaign, horde and escape as well. I don’t need them but I’ll get around and enjoy them all the same in my own time and choosing. I MUST play this game type I loathe to achieve something, or get a cute outfit with a matching gun? IDGAF. I play games for fun and competition. Lol Not to achieve or some since of accomplishment. If I’m not playing for fun then for money. Lmao Come on! I’m not a child and Gears of war really was never meant for a child. Emotes, blood sprays, Special “marks”? Well if it gets my teammates to spot more often I’m for that last one.

Please just give me my shot connecting gnasher, a lancer that is not a laser, a snub and I’m good. A balanced online experience, both in connection to servers and people in lobbies goes a long way! I mentioned in another thread that I am a trucker and used to play 4 in the back of my truck on my Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot Which cost me $300+ a month with the updates and gameplay. I gladly shelled that out because I got to play, I love GEARS. It’s the love of the game and game play that makes a competitive player spend their money not making everything “exclusive” or “Limited time only” if I don’t like playing a game why would I care if I do it with a red or blue gun? I say all this to descibe the type of Gear Head I am and from what the forums and videos tell me Im far from a minority. Enjoy arcade, enjoy horde, the campaign and anything else im all for it but it’s not for me.

I joined twitter the other day just because I was shook by the state of my favorite game and the future of it. I follow TC, a bunch of pros and content creators and their is a HUGE disconnect between the developer and the true gears fans. I don’t understand it at all. The collective experience and knowledge of what makes Gears great is at the disposal of TC but they think they know best . Perhaps they do as far as Campaign, MTA, Arcade Modes, bloodsprays, horde and so on. But as far as competitive gameplay. It’s been made obvious that you don’t know best. Have you heard the community? How much lower does the game have to fall? Invite the best minds on how gears plays competitivly in to brain storm perfect weapon tuning, map features, and other aspects that would make the best competitive experience possible. Please TC at least have those 2 way conversations that Dana was asked about on the Developers Stream on Twitch…which by the way is where people go to watch your game being played by pros and streamers but more important they HEAR them 24/7!!! You’re there 1 hour 30 mins on Thursdays at 3 pt. Unless it’s Canadian Halloween or something. (JK) Their displeasure and knowledge of what is lacking is being passed on constantly, not only by them but through the content creators on YouTube as well.

You have all these modes in this game and will add more why not take some time and create a mode for/with us who have been supporting, promoting, or just living Gears? You invested in Esports. Make it a central focus. Its the most common sense all around! Keep all your modes for the casuals but carve out a place for us that will speak the loudest, play the most, release the content, stream, create tutorials, produce videos, free GEARS promoting, brand ambassador players! DAMN! Quid pro quo.

So YES! Split the player base. Better both happy and content than both upset and gone. Casual and Competitve