What is wrong with these devs?

1 match out of 8 had Mid in 2v2… not saying voted… no … IN CHOICES

Im sorry this ain’t dumb unluck. No way. Its purposely the dev trying to remove the most voted map because… well peoples love it???

Arena sux
Boxes sux (due to steps mostly)
Annex is great as a team with mic, sux with randoms
Mercy… can be fun as a team but very mixed bag with randoms

You guys removed my ONE mode of fun in the map i love…


Why you guys always want to remove what peoples enjoy and love?

We vote MID for a reason !!! Its the best map for 2v2

I doubt that this is happening. Prolly is just dumb unfortunate luck.

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1 out 8? I doubt…

Its mathematically unlikely. There is 5 maps total… 3 choices

They must have made it so it appear less often.

I’d like to see the math that makes it so unlikely that it doesn’t happen ever.

Dude i play 2v2 daily. I get mid 3 out of 4 in choices. Are you kidding me? Today is new… never happened before.

Oh and funny enough trying to chat talk in game with Right joystick crash the game (reg X1 model).

Those devs are amateur and its annoying. They make bad decisions after bad decisions.

Xbox says they are against toxic but then the devs of Gears release f*ck you signs and other toxic crap… wtf really…

Dude they are only a indie dev team that is funded by one of the richest companies in the world. Cut them some slack.

My bad lol

Well you said it yourself, just because it’s mathematically unlikely, doesn’t make it completely unlikely.

Basically the chances of that happening if it is 1 match out of 8 it’s just 12.5%

5 maps, 3 choices offered each voting screen, 2 will not appear.

So a 60% chance of getting the map you want offered to vote for, 40% chance to not get it. To only get it offered 1/8 matches is an exact chance of 0.79% according to binomial probability, cumulative chance 0.85% (1 or less times appearing in the menu).

Think of it like flipping a fair coin and only 1 tails out of 8 tries, its extremely unlikely, except not being offered Mid is less likely as it has a higher weighting of appearing than a 50/50 chance.

So either the OP was extremely unlucky, or the weighting is off.

However I did watch a streamer play 2v2 today and he played on mid game after game, so I am definitely not seeing the same as the OP.

To the OP, please think of how you come across to the devs, if you give them feedback in this manner they are far less likely to take you seriously.

Imagine in your work a customer comes up to you and rants about how much you ruin everything for them and how you just try to ruin everything on purpose to hurt them.

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