What is wrong with Sentinel hitboxes?

I was doing a Malfunction run by myself using Marksman earlier and the RNG decided to be stupid and constantly give me Sentinels at the ending spawn and I couldn’t help but wonder where the hell my shots went during X-Ray when I was aiming straight at their head and compensating for their movement. I was literally aimed straight at their head which should be easy since it’s a center of mass shot but for some reason it was a 50/50 whether I would hit a headshot or get a body shot doing absolutely worthless damage to them.

I doubt it’s an issue of skill when I can clear the first act fail free and have basically no issues doing cleanup outside of when the ridiculous Sentinels spawn. I don’t even have those same issues hitting the weakspot on Guardians and theirs is even smaller.

I’ve noticed similar things with the marksman class myself. I’ve had bullets faze right through an enemies head and have sometimes landed a headshot only for it to register as like the shoulder or something. I just assumed its in part a clausal glitch of the classes passive function but I’m just guessing. The majority of the time it’s fine so I don’t usually get to worked up about it but it can still be annoying.


They might be like pouncers mate. It’s very hard to headshot them. I’m pretty sure this has been brought up a few times.

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I only have the issue shooting their “head” in X-Ray for whatever reason. Especially when they move in anything but a straight line it’s a 50/50 whether I land a headshot.

I got the same issues mate.

This is happening alot lately. I think there is either something wrong with the longshot or the game just doesn’t register the bullet. Right between the eyes or the side of the head and its either a shoulder hit or completely goes right through them.

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I have this happen a lot during my X-ray. It drives me up the wall when it happens, because at times I’ll take multiple shots trying to get that one enemy, but I wind up wasting most of my ult before I opt to move on to another one.


I can still see when and where my bullet hits that’s why I wasn’t so much thinking hit detection.

I have this happen just normal shooting to not just in x-ray.

And yeah it can be super frustrating in earlier waves when you don’t exactly have the ammo reserves built up. Once I’ve got a locker and extra Longshot and my ammo cap is increased it’s more just an annoyance.