What is wrong with Gridiron team balancing?

I’m a re-up 6 or so. And I think I’m a pretty decent player. I got into Onyx (and probably could have gone higher if I had played the mode more), but long story short, I’m not new and I’m not trash.

My first match of Gridiron I played: I got put on a team with 2level ones, 1 level 23, and maybe one level 80 or so. The entire enemy team was full of re-ups 2-20. It was a complete shutout, and I had 3 teammates finish with 0 points across all 6-7 rounds

My second match: I got put on a team with 3 level ones, one level 38, and one re-up 2. All of them except for one guy left. That one guy who stayed, even after the team got repopulated and we got 3 straight rounds, got only 7 points across like 8 or more rounds or so.

My third match was populated as so:

That’s right, didn’t even give them the last 2 players. And when more people finally joined like 95% through the match, this is what happened:

Like, seriously? I could understand once cause this isn’t a official ranked game mode yet, but every match I’ve played so far has been like this. I’m not sure if the team balance is all screwed up because it’s a new game mode, or if it’s the new players from the game pass and free play days, or maybe it’s guests/ new players partying together (if it is, all the more reason party queues should stay limited in ranked, because this precise thing is what causes unbalanced ranked games) but this is awful, for everyone involved. The only benefit I got out of it was an easy 3 stars from the touchdown medal. This needs a looking into imo.

Gears 5 is free to play right now so that’s why you have the low level players in PvP.

I’m not saying them being in the game is too much the problem, but what I’m saying is that I don’t know why the game is putting all the really high ranks on one team. It should be 2-3 high ranks and 2-3 low ranks on one team vs 2-3 high ranks and 2-3 low ranks. Don’t know why all the low ranks are constantly shoved into one team?

Gridiron is social right now not ranked. There is no balancing for social as far as I know.

Yeah I know. Like I said if this was a one time occurrence then sure but it’s happened 3 times in a row. Not once have I gotten a random distribution of rank really. It’s always been 0-1 high rank on a team of 4 or just all low ranks vs all high ranks. It’s suspicious. I don’t expect there to be SSBM in social/quick play but I at least would think there would be some kind of simple XP balancing algorithm. Maybe I’m out if my mind but this is now more than a one time occurrence, and I just think it’s too repetitive to be a coincidence

That’s expectation bias and clustering. Doesn’t mean it’s a pattern.

The likelihood is there are teams of Gears 5 regulars who are being matched against the flood of low level players.

Well I guess I’ll keep searching for matches and see if I can get any decent matches

A frightening proposition