What is wrong with Gears

The system is easily twisted obviously. Playing so many games today and lost all of them. Why? not that I’m really bad at gears but granted I’m not that good but when you play against others who are meant to be bronze or silver and they are playing like onyx or diamond it’s fairly easy to see it’s another account or they are lagging themselves so it’s easier against other players (check the ping spikes) . I’ve seen a friend’s game clip where he is shooting one guy but his adversary who also recorded the clip sees him still roadie running and kills him.

Why can other games on dedicated servers years older than gears 4 make it run right but the TC CAN’T???

On top of that the shotgun is woefully inconsistent. One game I’m using it like a sniper rifle and taking down people a good distance away than should be right and the next my gnasher is in a players back and doesn’t even hit

Then players themselves. So many toxic people on gears. No wonder gamers have left playing gears. Either the game leaves you frustrated or ■■■■■■■■ make the game unenjoyable.

As for wall bouncing, I know it’s a game and not real but really watching a human slide around with all that armour and carrying enough weapons for a small army is mental. Go back to gears one and two sliding was to get into cover and the noise of slamming into it was satisfying.
Not now though as I watch players slide across the map like it was a skating rink.

let’s face it the game was brought out broken and will stay broken till we stop buying the game. To me TC care nothing about fixing the game unless the Pro players complain.

Let’s look at the xp situation. Gears has from day one been about the PvP but now when it comes to the xp you get so little compared to horde for the same amount of time played. Surely to get more people playing PvP you would at least made it equal xp or better than horde. Not according to TC. Let’s get majority on horde and kick PvP to the kerb it seems to me,
I pretty much see the same players over and over again in PvP as so few seem to play it anymore.

But there are a couple of good things in gears 4. The enforcer. I see many complaints about it but then I think its quite balenced. Small clip, short range but powerful enough to be fun to use against the more highly skilled gnasher users and give lower skilled players a chance. I’m no big fan and would rather have the classic lancer/gnasher combo but will use it on smaller maps and only when other team start using them.
The single player game is still fun and I don’t have anything bad to say about it so well done there.

Every PvP game I play is one sided in favour of one team. I could count on one hand how many games I’ve played where it’s been really close (and the most enjoyable even when I’ve lost) Normally I seem to be the one getting the short end of the stick. So many players quit leaving it 5v4 or 5v3 I just hide or quit myself.

Then I get a massive percentage taken off my rank for staying but a lot less for quitting. Go figure??? OK. Yes I’m annoyed as I’ve lost every game in the past 5 hours (but this has been bothering me even on nights where I’ve won more than I’ve lost) and its given me the incentive to rant about how far downhill gears has gone since the first game.

When no matter how bad we did, me and my friends lived on gears till gears 2 came out and we lived on that. Gears has been going down hill since 2

I love the game dearly as much as I lothe it due to inconsistencies. Owning 4 I know I will keep playing as its like a bad relationship. you know you should get out of but you love it so much you can’t.

In the end I will buy 5 but this time I will wait till its cheaper and won’t be gifting TC by buying the season pass or any micro transactions unless they sort themselves out and the game

Not sure what is wrong with gears but clearly there is something wrong with your paragraphs and punctuation.

This is just a text wall.

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That’s why i don’t read it…

This is what I mean about toxic players. If you want to take a jibe take it on the contents. Not the poor punctuation I so obviously have. Or how about a counter on how I see the game. Or how about not saying anything

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Ok fair enough, here is my counter: I never read past the first sentence simple because it is unreadable.

Add a few paragraphs, separate your ideas, make it readable for me and everyone else and you’ll get the opinions you’re looking for. The way it is I highly doubt more than a few will bother to read it.


Thanks. I can take that. I don’t mind criticism as long as its benifical but pointless remarks helps no one :+1:

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