What is with the balancing as of late?

These screenshots are from since yesterday. I play matches where we get utterly owned and the other team just camps our spawn and of course has to tea bag endlessly then the match ends and i see full teams of diamond ranks even knowing some players on my team are not even ranked yet…
I don’t usually play against diamond ranks without having at least 1 diamond on my team so i am wondering why i am suddenly facing entire teams of diamonds


Player base is probably at an all time low. That or they tried to fix something and wound up messing up matchmaking.

Well for people going for Diamond, they usually stick with other Diamonds because relying on random teammates can be detrimental. There’s not enough players on this game to support Diamonds only playing Diamonds so they got matched with you unfortunately. If they’re going for Diamond 5 you won’t have many Diamond teammates who are solo queuing so it puts you with other random ranks.

Plus, if they already got Diamond and that’s all they wanted they’ve probably moved onto other modes. That’s just some of the reasons I can think of for the teams being so mismatched.

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I hate 5 men stack team diamond teams

I’ve had some incredibly bad ones today. Went 7 games in a row where we were incredibly out ranked. Playing during active hours doesn’t seem to help anymore.

Lol I don’t know.

this is awsome, im not the only one yay! TC should give us all diamonds, that way it would at least make you feel like you’re in the right lobby.

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I’m pretty close to getting diamond in TDM but still i don’t think it would be fair to force me to play against a full team of diamonds

its not fair, especially if you play solo,. but the big gains in rank up should come from pulling off a win in though type of lobbies. i agree there should be better balance in matchmaking, but im all about continuous growth and its good to get worked every so often, its where creative killing comes from​:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Heres another one…I don’t even see why its possible for a diamond 5 to play with anyone who isn’t at least a diamond 1

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Like someone else said… there’s only so many diamonds out there for them to match with. So if none are left, onyx’s would be next. Trust me I hate it too, I wish there was a better way to play without running into a 5 squad of diamonds when I’m solo. But if they haven’t found an answer to that by now, they’re not going to ever.

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It just forced me to play against the same people that were majority diamond 5’s even though i added each of them to my blocklist in hopes that i wouldn’t be able to play with them again…what the eff is the point of even playing ranked at all ffs

Same, i rather just let them have the win, because the outcome is obvious.

Mine is kind of the opposite, was matchmade with lower ranked and somehow lost them all. This is coming from an Onyx 1 koth player that was deranked to Gold 3 xD

Maybe they get a kick/satisfication of dorminating lower ranks constantly in TDM since its probably the only mode they can play good.

Though they may have gotten diamond from corner camping, abusing lancer, and spawn trapping perhaps

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Spawn trapping sounds about right tbh


All my friends stopped playing gears because of 5 men stack diamond teams and bad servers i gears 5 have free for all and more and better servers

I Totally agree! Escalation too, 60-70% of the time, I get pair with gold/silver vs 5 onyx or 2 diamonds 3 golds/onyx combo. No idea why. Lost probably 7-8 matches yesterday.

What they should do is split the matchmaking. Solo Q for individuals and Team Q for party/group play.

There probably isn’t enough people online for that. Core tuning adds to the problem.

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Just now i had to play with a stacked diamond team twice in a row and both matches had roughly the same outcome… It’s funny because i pointed out that all they were doing was spawn camping us and that the balancing was unfair and one of them told me to “Go play social” and another one sent me a private message…I effing hate how this game not only allows this kind of balancing but it pretty much forces it

Should have told them that rank is meaningless because the game got issues and say that camping only shows you have no skill :stuck_out_tongue: