What is up with this pvp?

Im over here getting dropped in 3 seconds by Lancers. Im seeing decoy people that take no damage sit behind walls, randomly running across the map with no weapon. People I’ve downed fly up into the sky before I can claim my kill ( not lying have the video). Point blanking players with the Gnasher an getting killed anyway, seeing that I’ve done absolutely no damage to players, its completely blank. Picking up Meat-shields but still end up getting one shot, when I look at the Kill cam on their screens I have no Meat-shield in my arms at all. So much BS I’ve seen.

You need to fix this, then reset everyones Division. None of this s*** is fair. My first 3 KOH games I’ve lagged out of, giving me a instant loss, im now sitting at Silver 1 division??!

I had a similar experience with my first few ranked games, been trying to wait until some of the issues are sorted out before playing more. I’ve just been trying the new escape mode and playing horde, I don’t mind it.