What is up with Looking for Group people?

how are you going to make a post saying i need 2 for koth d1 and i message you saying i’m masters and i get no invite… pretty much how every lfg post works, looking for a gold player for koth… alright invite me im d3. no invite. it’s like people create posts for no reason. the amount of people i message the second they post is crazy. i’m just trying to play with some cool people knowing i’m going to carry the game. ill get invited and they are like your on pc? yeah bro, no big deal though. an i get kicked? like pc is pretty much the exact same as console, atleast on gears it is… an if pc is op why wouldn’t you want me on your team anyways? regardless it’s surprising how many people post looking for groups and don’t invite.

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It’s literally electronic racism bro all it is lol it’s the dumbest thing ever but some ppl are just that anti pc teammates or not
But I agree as well with ur post sometimes I never get a reply back and wonder wtf

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Man…this is triggering some serious PTSD lol.

I had the same issue but with the people joining my LFG. Complete morons. Also experienced what you did when trying to join other parties. The team would dissolve after one match and sometimes during the match itself. Figured if I’m going to lose matches I’d rather save the time spent searching and play solo.

Sounds like somebody had their share of egos this morning.

Local market sells EgOs. They aren’t bad actually.

Add me and @Aloha_its_Kyle and @Mark36111

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Mark sends very vulgar messages


Yep that’s all the pvp people on my friends list, only people who actually wanna party up and play together is my pve peoples. But I’ll see about 5-10 looking got a group posts a night but have given up trynna join any of them as they seem to never wanna actually play🤷‍♂️

Probably because they don’t want to get clicked.

@Mark36111 what’s up with teammates waiting for you to die to take your Boomshot? :joy:


My team is always very diligent in securing power weapons to the point that it verges on obsessive compulsion.


Ok, lets brrak this down.

They ask for a specific level, you replay saying you are very far away from the level they want, and you dont get the invite… Hmmm…

I dont see a problem

Next time look for posts which say AT LEAST D1, or ones which specifically ask for Masters.

There are plenty of reasons why a host would not want a Master player if they are looking for Gold, for example.


Still selling paragraphs here.