What is up with all the glitches in this game?

After playing quite a bit over the weekend i noticed the following. This is only what i can remember.

  1. In Horde, we got to wave 24 and the last enemy was no where on the map. If you went to where the enemy spawns you could see bullets raining down like the enemy was there but they were not. I even stood where the bullets kept hitting and they never hit me for any damage. No way to kill an invisible enemy and we could not continue.

  2. Re-up distinction does not show in the menu. I got reset to number 1 after a re-up and i cannot visually tell i have re-up’ed. Since when is this a thing?

  3. Kill cam’s often show guns hanging in mid air and people picking up dbno ghost bodies.

  4. My Tour reward items are not unlocking even though i complete them and progress through to higher ranks. Character skin, expressions, marks…I don’t have like the last 4-5 items that i can actually equip

  5. After i re-up’ed i got a “one” bloodspray. Go to equip it and it’s not there to equip. It’s like it never unlocked kind of like the Tour items in #4

I am sure there are more i cannot think of at the moment.

Did you try quitting gears and restarting? Maybe try a hard reset too.

To your point though, I’ve experienced many of those bugs and a whole ton more. Definitely a buggy mess.

Read the news…

“Our next major Title Update is nearing the end of development, with a goal to release in early October. This Update will address many of the reported community bugs and issues, and as soon as it’s locked and loaded, we’ll let you know what to expect.”

ref: https://www.gears5.com/whatsup-sep23-2019

New update will fix issues only to create new ones.

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