What is this input delay on xbox one?

I dont get it how people are fine with this input delay !?

First i thought its some intended mechanic / feeling they added to the game, but when i played this game on pc with controller , 60 FPS cap, it was a whole different game !!!

The difference is way too much between xbox and pc !
Something is definitely wrong with xbox version ! And needs a fix ASAP !

i want to play this game with controller against other controller players.
Xbox feels so bad & laggy, and pc + controller & 60 FPS cap, still recognizes me as a pc player and many good players have disabled their ranked cross-platform … (Cause who actually wants to play against mouse & keyboard with controller ??)

Either add console mode on pc (controller + 60 FPS cap) to be able to play against other controller / Console players, or fix xbox version !


I can confirm this. I play on xbox one x and it’s way worse than gears 4


Yep. Every UP A Back A, shooting coming out or cover, or roadie, the guy should be dead, but nothing comes out.

It’s frustrating for sure.

In some cases, the enemy is able to shoot twice in the time I can only shoot once


I feel the input delay difference between the Gears 4 and 5 is about 100ms or even more !
Pls fix it :eyes::balloon:

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Input deley on xbox is very annoying for me ! wtf TC

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There is a giant topic with very detailed info on it on this board.

The Coalition is aware of this issue for several years. They just don’t care.

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What do you mean several years ?? gears 4 was very fine !


Gears of War 4 was loaded with input lag since the beta. The Coalition added more delays by design for the full game.

That’s not even counting the input lag that was in the Xbox One version but not PC. Again, the same guy who did a detailed for Gears 5 did the same for Gears 4.

I played gears 4 a lot ! and then i played teach test and now this … Me, and my friends can feel the increased input delay!

Maybe gears 4 wasn’t as good as PC in terms of input delay , but im pretty sure it’s way better than gears 5 …

By feeling input lag, i mean the delay between right stick movement & camera movement in game … not wall bounce delay & etc … . just aim !


Agreed they should add a performance mode that’s designed to really cut the input delay down. They could do it if they wanted.

Someone compared 5’s delay to 4’s and found a pretty noticeable difference.

May also explain some of why a lot of PC players seem to like 5 and console players seem to hate it.


This is why people feel nauseous and/or get headaches when playing Gears 5

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I actually really noticed the difference today myself. I have been playing on PC the last couple of days with some friends and the difference is night and day to the point where I dont think I can stomach playing on Xbox until this is fixed.

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Yo when is tc going to fix this input delay? If they played their game they would have noticed this immediately as well. I personally do not want to get use to this delay because we should not have to deal with it!

I have posted elsewhere that I’ve been playing on PC for a couple years after my original Xbox One stopped working but long story short I managed to get it working and a lot of games play fine!

The concern here is that now that I have a working Xbox One that has consistently been able to play other games from the game pass just fine is unable to play either Gears 4 OR Gears 5 without obvious input lag that is noticeable from either games main menu. Not only input lag but both games appear to not be running at a full 60fps and there is a lot of stutter in the animations. From what I remember it was able to play Gears 4 when the game came out just fine.

Of course at first I was concerned that my particular Xbox One was possibly weak or something was wrong with it otherwise but after searching online this appears to be common and not limited to only the original Xbox One.

This level of input lag is unplayable. If I had purchased a new Xbox + Gears just to play Gears I would be trying my best to get a refund for both.

I play on pc using keyboard and mouse and I assume you, there’s input delay for us too.

Half the time I have to double tap shift to get my character roadie running for instance. Trying to shoot out of a run, I always feel like everyone else can do it instantaneously, but it’s always delayed for me.

Grass isn’t always greener on the other side…