What is this! (Gears6).......gears 5 is a mess and now this

So gears 5 is a hot bed of bugs/cash grabs/technical problems.

TC you say your listening but your actually actively going in the opposite direction. Your community rapport is shocking. Everytime i watch streams and podcasts your super defensive and will not hear critisism to the point your studio head liked a tweet that basically said “quit hating on gears 5 if you don’t like it f”@k off’ that is disgusting from a studio head.

Then i saw this a post from xbox insider community about gears 6. You havent even got a working gears 5 how on earth can gears 6 been even thought about.

How about you stop treating gears 5 like a freemium game, engage your community before you lose them. A handful of pros wont keep your game alive your damn customers who are trying to get you away from your facebook/mobile game development days and make you a fully fledged triple aaa developer that has a happy community.
(If you didnt know 95% of the coalition were facebook/mobile freemium devs before gears 4/5 explains alot)

Although this is a rant the pic the xbox insiders posted was the last straw.
At what point have you listened to the community. You havent, and as per your last stream if you think 4 tours to nail it is acceptable then you have big problems. You wont have players considering on steam your barely breaking 500 players a week and xbox players being on a down swing( case and point lfg 1 month into gears 4 there were over 3000 posts hourly… gears 5 isnt breaking 54 at peak hours and you cant use the excuse everyone is squaded up)

Your losing your community, lose us and your esports scene is dead. This is a threat this is fact heres a term you need to learn: non sustainable business plan.


With all that said i so like seeing the Forza Motorsport 8, Forza Horizon and Halo Infinite logos. Too bad Gears 5 is trash.

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Ah great, it will be on gamepass too.

Ah $H**t here we go again.


If this is true, they definitely think this community is a bunch of morons that will buy any pos with the gears title on it.

Lol this has to be an error. Right ?


This is 100% fake. Forza Motorsport 8 isn’t being unveiled until next year with the next gen Xbox. Same with Halo Infinite. If anything we’ll be getting MCC Reach news for Halo at X019.

Gears 5 just came out and took 3 years to make how can anyone fall for a fake post indicating they’re already eager to talk about Gears 6 lmao. Gears 6 doesn’t begin development till early next year.

Horizon Japan?? Fable 4? State of Decay 3? :joy::joy:. Lmao I don’t know what’s funnier. The post or all those people thinking its real.

Only a few games on that are gonna be at X019


I wouldn’t use forum posts as metric to gauge a games population or popularity. Most people use Reddit now or other third party sites. Not many people use the actual dev forums. I’ve noticed this in the last 5 years in all game forums whether the game was popular or not. As for your image you posted please provide a link. Posting some image you screen shotted that a troll made says nothing.


Well it was posted on facebook on the xo19 by xbox insiders official. Before posting i confirmed this with a source at xbox insiders. Unlike most people here i fact check with reliable sources as i have friends throughout the industry and that includes the games active players.

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It makes sense honestly. They started working on Gears 6 once Gears 5 went gold and maybe even before that. Usually when studios release a game they break off into two teams. One team develops the next entry in the series and then there is a “live team” which handles and addresses the current game. This isnt unusual in the game industry due to the amount of time it takes to create a game. I can understand why someone may be upset about that but it’s how the entire industry works.


Thank you finally some one who understands how this industry works. Im just shocked that this is even a thought when Gears 5 is a disappointment and has 100s of issues across the board. Almost feels like a very expensive beta

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Now they’re releasing a game each year just like COD

Horizon japan would be cool though

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Where does this say they release a new game next year already? Though I don’t see what details they could possibly have on 6 already with what’s up with 5 and it having only released two months ago. The chances of that being out next year are… pretty much 0%. If we see a Gears release it will be Gears Tactics, not a main title, which is much more likely to be a 2022 or possibly 2021, though that is unlikely if they support this game as long as I see them do.

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Clearly fake news nothing to see here.

New Xbox next year is what Microsoft will be focusing on and also Halo.

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I fear for the future if people actually think this is real.


Another visual glitch. We see these alot.

How is this fake when its been confirmed by and xbox insider employee?!? Did i say it was being released no but the fact this is even being thought about given the state of the game. You guys saying “fake” and “i fear for the future if people believe this” a your the idiots ITS BEEN CONFIRMED by a xbox insider employee. Wake up idiots. I have no reason to post fake news i dont care about clout or any of that. But im concerned that when gears 6 is even in the conversation is worrying.

The oned calling it fake etc ate probably the players that are happy to hand money to the coalition wether its loot boxes/an over priced store and happy with the state of the game. Get a life. I bet when this comes out as true on xbox insiders you will be the first to be here posting wtf this is terrible etc.


Not enough people addressing the current game.

It was on Facebook so it must be true. My dad also works for Nintendo.


Yea it was on facebook however i have a source who works for Microsoft and with the insiders confirm it so shhhhhhhhhhhhh

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