What is the situation with scrap in this game?

Hi guys,

This is horde related. So, me and my wife play this together most of the time. Of course we use our own user names and I’m always player one. My wife has ONLY 25 scrap after playing 12+ hours and she’s never spent any at all ever.

And I’ve easily accumulated over 1000 scrap since I started playing, I currently have 525 left after spending some. I’ve played 15+ hours. How the hell does she only have 25 scrap when we’ve played together MOST of the time. It would make sense if she had 700-800. But it’s much, much less than that.

Can anyone explain this?

Thanks in advance

The way you get scrap in the game is by getting dupes from the supply drops for playing the game. You must’ve gotten lucky and gotten several high tiered dupes which are worth more scrap and your wife must’ve gotten different cards from the supply drops, thus less dupes resulting in less scrap.

It’s the only explanation I can think of. Hope that helps.

EDIT: Dupes = duplicates, in case you didn’t know.

The only thing I can think of is that you have unlocked a lot more content then she has there for you are getting more repeat content which is automatically scrapped. Other then that I have no clue

Also, she doesn’t have access to Sarah connor and Halo characters like me and she doesn’t get double exp like me. But, why? It the same Xbox we play on at the same time on splitscreen.

Does she have her own gamertag and xbox gold profile? Does she also have ultimate game pass, or own her own copy of the game? Is it a disc game or a download? Is the game on game pass?

Maybe try her logging in as player one and see if she starts getting more scrap and you less.

I dont have an inexpensive solution. Maybe get another xbox and TV and party up on live. - I dont know if you can do that.

I will try to log in as player 1 with her profile.

I have ultimate game pass on my profile and was unaware that it was only me who would get the double exp and characters. She does have her own gamertag, yes.

This is a downloaded ultimate gamepass version of the game. The “ultimate” version. She doesn’t have any sort of game pass or gold account, it’s just me.

Funny this is horde on Gears of War 4 gave us things equally and it was the same situation with only me having xbox live gold or whatever.

Your suggestion about getting another Xbox would be good if this game wasn’t so, horribly broken. I hate to be negative but the glitches/huge problems in the game I’ve experienced and everyone else had mentioned means that there’s no chance of that happening anytime soon.

You also get double supply drops, which explains why you have much more scrap than her, as you would have unlocked more content and duplicates are auto scrapped

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Won’t make any difference sadly, the ultimate edition bonuses will be tied to your account.

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