What is the silver man that runs around?

In like 5 matches a had a silver surfer looking dude running around on the map. Wtf is that? Does anyone know.

It’s a bug/glitch


Ook lol it’s so strange

it’s the silver surfer skin. 2,500 iron in store.


That’s so cheap

I heard it was the t1000 skin

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It’s Ultron.

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it’s actually the grey scale model that’s used before textures are added to the characters.

it’s something that the developers were only meant to see.

I imagine half way through development of the game everyone testing would see that model an not the actual character skins.

look at this early build of Overwatch, grey scale, tonnes of stuff isn’t textured.


The first month of Gears 5 feels more like a Beta than a finished product.

It’s quite embarrassing , honestly.


Yessir! Idk why but the tech-test gameplay felt better than this one lol

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It’s the default 3D test model that ships with UE4. Why it’s packaged in the final game is anybody’s guess…

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Quick silver

It’s Sarah Conner’s super, the liquid metal T-1000 :wink:

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