What is the proper way to horde?

So I haven’t really played Horde on the higher difficulties since launch and a looot has changed… Whenever I do enter a random Horde no one seems to care about building and there is no engineer. So what is the best way to play horde on inconceible and master? Do we build for the first few rounds then do perks? What’s the best way to do advanced for the dailies? Hoping to get some advice before I jump into the fray.

Depends on your team composition and mods.

If the mod is Ultra Power Drain - there is no point in building.

There are classes that are self-efficient and don’t need weapon lockers and they benefit from perking up right after wave 1.

Eg. Blademaster, Anchor, Gunner, Tactician, Veteran.

Some classes will benefit from a locker ( eg Marksman, Pilot, Demo) then it’s better for them to deposit ( if there is engie) or build it themselves.

I don’t play 1-50 but mostly just Frenzy and all of the above applies to Frenzy.

In regular horde I believe most classes deposit for the first 10 waves or so to build a base.

And just to add - in Frenzy I played many times without an engie. It’s not a must have class.
Sometimes I would play Combat Medic with Team Repair card and I can build and later repair fortifications without spending power when I use my Ultimate.


All classes are optimised in a specific way and get buffs with certain weapons depending on skill cards. They basically have different broad roles, but don’t let the in-game descriptions limit you. As you learn the ins and outs of each class you’ll find that even a “support” class is capable of alot of damage.

Try to level up your classes before pkaying on the higher difficulties. You dont need to have maxed out your skill cards but it helps to have them unlocked and at roughtly level 3+.

All classes have diferent perks to upgrade.

Engineers are useful but not essential. The Horde playerbase can be mixed - some people are more rigid and inflexible when it comes to this and may want an engineer before starting. Some players are rigid in wanting team mates to deposit for building fortifications etc.

I’d suggest using the lobby page for games rather than the matchmaking.

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There’s a simple formula that maximizes your chance of winning a master game.

-Have an engi. A competent one.

  • one who build tons of barriers, and lockers for locker classes first 10 or first 4 waves on frenzy.
    -one who sets up a base that isnt backed into a hole somewhere and has multiple lanes.
    -deposit everything the first 10 waves in horde, and the first 4 in frenzy.
    -exceptions are 1 speed perk for cgc classes, 5 or 6 ammo regen for anchor, unlimited perks for blademaster, and unlimited perks for tactician if hes not using a locker. ammo regen for vet or brawler isnt worth it at this point, use boxes or a locker if u need. But be mindful, if theres other perking classes in ur lobby and/or ur losing taps left and right…try to deposit as much as you can those first waves.

-have a support class like jack or medic.

-have a pilot

-have a demo or tactician or at the very least a pilot on outdoor maps.

-pick up the power.

-buy and/or share flash bangs and use them.

-always max out your situational awareness perk.

-choose a lane and defend it. Keep an eye out on the goobers in ur lobby who might abandon their lane or float around or whatever it is goobers do.

-turn off bots. There’s enough bots in horde already.


This is of course highly dependent on the composition of your team and the skills of the players but I’d say that you’ll need an engineer if your team is not set up of highly effective players that will eliminate the enemies before they have a chance att coming close to the camp. This is rarely the case in random lobbies.

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