What is the problem with PC?

I really want to know. If someone at TC could please (for once please) be completely open with where you stand on why the game crashes so frequently on PC.

I’m running Intel 8 Gen i7-8750H, NVIDIA GEOFORCE GTX 1060, 6GB video memory, 16GB 2400Hz system memory, 256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD

Basically the above means I should be running this game max settings no problem. In fact, all other games run no problem.

Please open up the dialogue (maybe a computer wiz in the community can help you). What exactly is the issue. Why is the game crashing so frequently on PC?

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I’m not sure the point of you even posting a reply. Next time you speak try to ask yourself, am I helping anyone or anything by speaking these words? If the anwser is no, then be silent. You’ll learn more that way.


It’s a driver incompatibility issue. This has been known for some time. Crashing issues disappear if you use 382.53 or older.

Now, what specific incompatibility occurs in Gears 4 on newer Nvidia drivers? I don’t know. The problem is allegedly very complex. I’d like some more elaboration myself.

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What is wrong? Well that is simple as someone already said, it’s a driver issue that they have been sitting on now for well over a year.

Driver issue. It’s still not 100% fixed.

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So no one really knows what the exact issue is with the graphics card it seems and basically those of us with newer/better graphics cards are crashing more often.

Well I knew they had mentioned the problem (and also announced it supposedly being fixed). What would be good to know is some open dialogue from them stating where they are at in the process. As in, do they know exactly what the problem is and do they have any idea how to fix it or are they totally stumped you know?

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I don’t think they ever mentioned about it being fixed, which if they did that would be a lie. I had to restart my twice over the past two days. But yeah, I just want it to be fixed, but guess that is too much to ask, especially after paying over $800 for my Evga 1080ti ftw3 card and it freezes like this.

The problem with PC is they have your money already and it’s not cost efficient to fix it.

Remeber this before you consider gears 5.

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this truly is a problem that they need to be focusing on. If I’m on Xbox basically never crash. PC I’m crashing several times in one gaming session.

We need to start a petition to refund all PC players unless they fix it. I mean you should t be able to sell a game that can’t be played basically

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I agree that that it probably boils down to a decision made that the cost efficiency isn’t there right now.

But then again maybe there’s a team of 20 programmers and computer scientists working 12 hour shifts all day long.

More like a couple individuals who tinker with it once in a while when there’s nothing else to do or they just get bored.

Exactly, which is why I either won’t be buying Gears 5 . Or, I’ll wait a good 6 months or more after it’s release and see if there are any complaints on the PC version. Personally though, when I buy a game from a company and they don’t fix it, that would be good reason not to buy another from them period.