What is the point of this weapon now

Got bored, nothing to do, thought i’d complain about something.

I cannot believe i’m saying this as someone who loves the Gnasher, but what is the point of the Lancer now.

I started firing before he’d even started the weapon pick up animation and also hit him when he rolled away.

He doesn’t go down? what am i firing here a water gun?. Actually no that would probably do more damage.

What do i do in this scenario?. Do i run up and challenge him with the Gnasher? i can’t, he’d pick up the Boom before i could even get to him because my character moves at 0.002 MPH and he will just kill me with the Boom.
I don’t want to run at him in the almost non existent chance i can get close enough when he’d just kill us both with the Boom, i’m playing Guardian and i’m the Leader, i don’t want to risk that and lose the round for my team.

I can’t Lancer him, i started shooting before he’d even started the animation to pick up the Boom and hit him with two hit markers as he rolled away. I basically tickled him and he just buggered off without a care in the world.

Basically i just have to let him take the Boom while i stare at Jinn’s ugly projected face.

If i’m going up against a stack with braindead teammates i need to be able to do damage. The problem of setups and crossing doesn’t go away with this tuning, it’s still just as easy in a coordinated team. It just makes it harder for a single player to make a difference against that team when you don’t have teammates to also help.

At least i know now i can carelessly pick up a weapon and be completely safe even if someone is ready to Lancer me down. Or maybe you should make weapon pickups slow as well TC like the rest of the game, maybe take half a century. Yeah, that seems like a great idea to balance it while making it as miserable as possible, good job me.

I’m only playing Guardian to complete the medals, i’m at 17/25 for Leader kills and you know what, i cannot bring myself to play Gears 5 at this point to even bother doing that.

This game is so unsatisfying now, all of the weapons lack any type of weight, feel or enjoyment.

You should just remove the Lancer from the loadout considering how pointless it is now. Or no better yet add the Hammerburst back to the loadout so we can have the choice of two pointless weapons.
Because it’s equally as lifeless and useless as the Lancer, so it wouldn’t make a difference either way.

Even getting an active reload is unsatisfying in Gears 5 compared to all the older titles. You even removed the active effects from the loadout weapons, which is a first for any Gears game because you couldn’t balance it.

The movement isn’t just slow it’s mind numbing, I’ve played 2 ranked matches of KOTH since this tuning update and it’s so boring. The whole point of KOTH and why it was so popular in the first place is because it’s action packed. Everybody focused on a point in the map pushing players towards each other and fought over it. Now it’s no different to TDM with everyone camping corners and with the pace of the gameplay being just as slow.

There’s only four modes you can play in Ranked, removing a lot of variety. And out of the four modes you have in ranked only two are team modes with only one actually being able to be played with friends. 2v2 Gnashers is a special event not a Ranked mode. Wingman should’ve been in it’s place, 8 players, 4 teams of 2, each team spawns at each corner of the map and a power weapon spawns in the centre of the map after 45 seconds.
Hey presto, Wingman in Gears 5. Also add Guardian back to Ranked, it’s been long enough. Add some variety in modes and Gridiron also, not every Ranked mode has to be hugely popular. And if your game doesn’t have enough players to support a measly 6 Ranked modes i think that’s pretty bad overall and should really tell you something about how you’ve launched and handled Gears 5.

I’ve played a lot of Gears of War 4 since this tuning has come out and it’s so much more engrossing.
Is the Lancer hugely overpowered, yes. Is the Gnasher 10x as BS, yes. Is the matchmaking a chore, yes.
But you know what it has the enjoyment factor, it’s fun to play, just like all the other Gears games.
They might be flawed in a whole bunch of aspects but their entertaining to play and experience.

The movement is stiffer and feels weighted, while also feeling fast and fluid. In Gears 5 there’s no weight to the movement, the complaints people made before the tuning update about the movement are the same after. You can still move around like a weightless butterfly playing Mario kart you just do it mind numbingly slow now.

Gears of war 4’s movement is so much more skill to top it off. I can’t move like i can in Gears 5 on 4, i can’t. I’m not good enough, and i don’t fancy ruining my hands to play claw to be a bit better at a game. When i see someone hyper bouncing and moving precisely on Gears of War 4 i know that person has put the time in to be able to do that and get good at using their movement. In Gears 5, just change your control scheme to Classic-Alt and remap to the default scheme and now everybody can bounce and move with no actual skill.

Gears 5 is so stale and boring to experience and to watch at this point it hurts. I don’t get the urge to play Gears 5 after i come off it like i do the other Gears games at all. In fact i have the opposite feeling, i don’t want to play it.

The feedback you guys got is so biased it’s tilting. Here’s the tuning thread, my post is 633 if you’re interested.

You want to attempt to create a boringly balanced game removing the enjoyment factor to cater to a dead esports scene that even after this tuning update will continue to be dead. I watched a Developer Stream recently and you said when you asked for feedback for tuning and game modes, even the “pros” couldn’t be bothered to give you any. That kind of speaks volumes don’t you think.

Then you have the streamers that barely push 80 viewers on a good day creating their own ranking system in customs where they biasedly pick their teammates who play nothing but Gears and don’t know what fresh air smells like hailing this tuning update as the second coming of Christ. Here’s the thing these types of people say a tuning is great until a new tuning comes along that they think is slightly better for reasons that contradict what they said previously and then call the old tuning trash that they said was great.

A lot of people say you just need to adapt, i play every Gears game under the sun, i’m constantly switching between different play styles. It’s not about adapting it’s about enjoyment, if the games boring and stale who wants to play it.

The game needs to be enjoyable and fun to play, not boringly balanced and stale.

I just thought, Gears 5 has turned me into a PvE player, that’s truly incredible.

Edit: alright some people are taking this thread waaaaaaaaaaaaay to seriously, i’m really not that bothered about the tuning. I’m not fond of this tuning and i didn’t really like the tuning before it, or the one before that to be honest.

I play all of the Gears games and they all play differently and i enjoy them all for the most part. I just don’t enjoy a lot about Gears 5 PvP right now as i find it incredibly dull and none of the weapons “feel” very good to fire.

Ok, ok, great ok.



This seems to be the appropriate response for anyone who posts such a thread lol.

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The weapon balance is way off now. It was way better with the last tuning. If someone goes to pick up a weapon and you start shoot them before they go into the pickup animation they should go down.


To be honest, i don’t really care about the state of Gears 5. I’m just bored, this whole pandemic thing has kept me indoors now for weeks and we’re going to be in it for months to come. It’s driving me nuts.

Wanted to make a post to ruffle some feathers. Entertain myself, also the more memes the merrier.

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I agree though, lancer does feel kinda weak.

To utilize the full potential of the lancer, you must always start off with an active reload before you decide to shoot. I don’t like that, but base lancer fire is very weak.


You know they removed the active effects in the loadout weapons, it literally doesn’t matter.


I didn’t know that, can you provide proof?

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you in anyway.

There are a lot of thread similar to this, and I feel this GIF is a good response to all this. Majority of the times people do actually miss, but sometimes ping seems to be the issue.

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Na i want this whole post to be entertaining in some way, if it’s meme then that’s fine.

Also to add to your previous reply, if you watch the clip it was an active. But as i said they removed those effects for balance reasons so it means nothing.

Ahh okay, chill then.

Yes I did see, the clip started with you performing an active reload.

So reloading provides no significant damage and ROF increase. The reload animation would be short if you get the timing right. Now reloading in PvP does the exact same function as other games, refilling the bullets in your gun.

The active reload mechanic was proprietary to Gears. Removing this from PvP makes Gears one step closer to any generic shooter out there.

And that’s bad, Gears is supposed to be unique.

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I’m not going to take the time to search for it, but if you look through the “This Week in Gears” posts you will find that they did indeed remove active effects from load-out weapons; all the active reload does for those weapons now is simply reload the weapon faster.

The post is definitely from a while ago–maybe a few months or more, I can’t remember exactly.


Yeah, thats me too.

Havent played ranked in several operations.

Stopped playing horde mostly now too…

Maybe a couple of horde games per week, thats my plan.

Clearly, like Star Wars, i am no longer the target audience of this franchise…


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Yeah not going to do that, that’s a lot of work. But thanks anyway.


This is when the active reload tuning was added to the developer playlist, which was about two or so weeks prior to it being fully implemented into PvP:


As a support player I agree with the Lancer being too week. Unsurprisingly Gears 3 has the best Lancer.


I was playing some Gears 3 last week funny enough.

Some Dizzy was running around with a Retro charging people and if he failed he would instantly melee them.

I’ll be honest, i couldn’t kill him, he was a complete god amongst men.

I found the overall experience similar to being fisted by Dwayne Johnson , however i did enjoy myself.

Well i say i enjoyed myself, basically i just didn’t fall asleep like when i play Gears 5.


I play a lot of Gears 3 still.:+1:


Come Sep 20th this year Gears 3 will be 10 years old believe it or not, that’s kinda mad to think about.