What is the point of the ranked system

What is the point of having a ranked system if you play against people from all ranks. It just feels pointless and I don’t understand why people care what rank they are in this game. If you were to reach the highest rank in the game you would still be playing against bronze,silver, and gold players because of how the matchmaking works. In games like CSGO or Dota 2 you play against players of the same caliber and climb as you improve. Maybe the population is too small that finding players of the same caliber for a full match would be too hard, but then why not just get rid of the ranks. I feel sorry for the people who take this system seriously because they are getting angry over a ranking system that doesn’t matter.


Since they fixed it, teams have seemed pretty fair to me. I can only speak from my experience, but as you rank up you def face higher caliber opponents.

Well I recently got to diamond one and I must say I’m definitely playing against petty top tier players while also good teammates.

However, I do agree with your point and I swear I was playing last night and I had someone on my team level 1 with no re up and I’m not saying that dictates skill but it was clear as day that fella hasn’t played gears 5 at all. Being diamond/high onyx like sometimes my teammates are horrendous. We all have bad matches but alot of people are low tier players I get put in a team with but to be fair although not as good at least they don’t quit like many of the high tier players I play with.

The thing is typically if you have a poorly skilled teammate usually so does the other team so it is balanced. But overall as you rank up you definitely face higher rated teams.

No I agree it’s just sometimes I get bad teammates like all of them but it’s true the higher you get you definitely go against higher skill players.

The only issue I have with ranked is how your personal performance doesn’t count nowhere near as much as the match result.

Yeah I actually thought the way it was before was more accurate. But a lot of people didnt like it and complained. I think there were bugs and glitches that needed to be fixed but the weight on performance was better in some aspects. Although you also had a problem where people didnt play the objectives and just went for massive number of kills. So there is that side of it.

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It see the idea but it never really works. I play maybe 1 or 2 games of team death match and 2v2 a week.

In one match of team deathmatch, I went from bronze 3 to gold 1… I don’t remember any of the opposition being particularly good. Does that mean I was playing against people who were all high rank? Similar on 2v2 last night. Lost 1 match 7-6 and won’t the next 7-2 and went from silver 1 to gold 1.

Can anyone explain how?

You typically cant gain more than one rank a match, so not sure how you did that.

Exactly. Its never happened before and like I said, I play 1 or 2 games a week just for the grind season achievement.

Like the point system was horrendous at one point. I was stuck in silver constantly and I knew it wasn’t right so the point system is way more accurate. I guess no matter what there will be complaints which is fair enough.

I do think from where it started off to now the ranking system has improved quite abut but of course still not perfect

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Yeah i had the same situation. I was stuck in Silver for a while. And in Gears 4 I was Onyx 2/3 in KOTH and D4 in 2v2. Now im D2 in KOTH and Masters in 2v2.

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I just had a look at a picture I took after that particular team deathmatch. Maybe I was a silver something. It seems like I got a lot of points though. Maybe you could explain how it works because I don’t really get it.

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Yeah currently diamond one and hoping to get to 2 at least. I’ll be happy staying there tbh, I lose matches and only lose like 30pts at most which isn’t too bad just gotta find people who are consistent with good performances.

I only play koth but I’m considering trying some tdm

So you can get a lot of points in one match if you beat opponents higher rank than you, but typically you will only go up one rank per match. So you could be S3 and get enough points to be Onyx, but you might still need to win all the matches to get to Onyx. So whatever amount of ranks between those two positions, you have to win that many games. 15k points i believe is actually Onyx 1 now.

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Wow, that’s like a huge jump but idk when I was in silver and gold I feel like the pts went up alot and down alot.

I went from gold 2 to like onyx 3 in one match and now I’m at diamond the pts aren’t as drastic as that.

They def changed it so you can rank faster now. You can also derank faster. Once you get closer to your true rank point gains slow down.


In gears 4 I played a lot of 2v2 in the end and got to onyx 3 I believe. There used to be table showing your rank and how you’re progressing. That seemed to make more sense.

I must say, I’m by no means a great player but some I’m getting teamed with are worse than bots. I don’t think they even know how to change to the gnasher. As OP said, the ranked system feels pointless and sometimes easier than social quick play or whatever it’s called now.

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Yeah I definitely agree with that. I feel like I preferred the ranking system in 4 but now they’ve made a few fixes to this one it definitely isn’t as bad as it was.

Seems to be players in lower ranks have alot of problems with it and I don’t mean that in like a rude or condescending manner cause I’m d2 just from what I’ve read it seems that way

Honestly, there are not a lot of good players in Gears 5 2v2. If you were Onyx 3 in Gears 4 you are probably better than most of the guys in Gears 5.

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No I agree with you, in the sense alot of teammates are worse than bots trust me I’ve had quite a few even at d2 which I don’t get.

The system is more confusing than to in 4 like and this one people seem to hate alot, I don’t know but I feel like it has improved it still needs to keep improving so everyone can actually enjoy ranked and actually understand the system.