What is the point of the new ranking system?

Honestly I don’t get why TC introduced a new ranking system when it is basically the same useless idiotic system as before just rereleased with “new paint”.

  • you are forced to win to rank up which is especially in the low ranks nearly impossible
  • no bonus for mvp or outstanding performance
  • nothing to break even your “match cost” points with great match perfomance
  • no compensation for quitting teammates or bonus for winning a 4v5 or 3v5
  • no rejoin option after getting booted (why was this even removed???)
  • matchmaking is still horrible
  • server perfomance is absolute laughable for a game released in 2019
  • why was getting standard points removed?

Maybe it is just me and I don’t know how other games to it because I don’tplay much multiplayer games outside of gears but this system is not about personal skill and working your way up being the best, it’s just grinding hours and hours with a full stack.


You want people to move up by losing matches?


If all of your teammates quit and you are alone against 5 people but still play better than everybody else, you are trash and deserve to lose your rank?

What does that even mean “better than everyone else”?

4 v 1 so if you stay alive more than a minute you should rank up?

How are you even going to gauge that?


That is completely subjective.

That is precisely the point. Winning the match weights a lot more than it should when it comes to points, you could be the top score but if your team loses then you’re going down if you’re a high rank.

They should add more factors into the mix to calculate your GP, something like the stats you see in the web site (kills per minute, precision, uptime and so on).

Can you just not rank up cause you have no friends? Boo hooo

Ppl always complaining about this, have you guys ever thought that you are not good enough to reach masters or diamond?

I totally agreed dude, this new ranking is the same as before, all the horrible issues we had are still here, nothing chnanges. Oh yes it changed, now you can’t join back game after be kicked and you stuck at the lower rank cuz you play solo games… at least before, you still can go up much quickly and still can win points sometimes when losing

Was diamond on koth before this new rank system but never really won games as always had bad teams but with this I’m stuck as gold because the trend continues, so it’s a poor ranking system haha

Unfortunely this ranking system punishes people playing with randoms. I solo ranked Master on TDM and KOTH last season with no problem, i may had lost the match but since my performance was outstanding i still got points on the ranking sysyem. The current ranking system is only based on winning or losing, your own performance is ignored.

The meaning is that TC eats excrement. In this mentally ■■■■■■■■ Hill mode, some people quit and can’t report it. I play your mother’s force, garbage.

Why punish solo players for stupid teammates so hard? As I said in the beginning, if someone is good enough and peforms well personally why can’t he earn enough GP in a game to at least reach the match cost and finish with + - 0 ?

What about ranked FFA!? :thinking: