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What is the point of 1HP stim? (COG headshots Horde card)


Serious question - how does it work? It gives me and nearby team mates 1HP stim, when I hit some enemies with snub hitshots… Doesn’t seem to be 1hp PER HIT, just 1HP max…

What’s the point? I tried it last night, just for fun… Sure, I saw the little stim animation pop, and disappear almost instantly as soon as I got hit… 1hp (I think you can go up to 5HP if you max out the card)… even 5HP… Seriously? What’s the point??

It absorbs a single shot or hit from anything? Seems a bit pointless otherwise given that the Snub won’t be that useful in a Horde match(limitedly in Escape, but I don’t think you play that so it may not be of much use to you, but it gives it to all team members near you so can potentially prevent multiple downs from one explosion) and your Stim will likely be gone by the time you’re back in cover and switch to a different weapon. This doesn’t seem like such an useful skill to have as opposed to Lizzie’s Stim which seems to be building up to whatever max amount her character can obtain.

that’s what I was curious about…

I read that as 1 Health Point … Is it “Hit Point” (if there is such a thing?) So if you have “3 HP stim” it will shield you from the next 3 hits of anything? LIke a boomshot, then a drop shot, then a buzz blade? Seems optimistic to think that… what do you guys think? Everywhere else I see Stim in terms of percentages, which to me means percentage of players’s max health…

More explanations, TC, would be nice…

An explosive will probably always take all your Stim off. Otherwise I think it’d be designed in a different way if 1 HP of Stim absorbed one hit of anything. But the numbers for obtained Stim really don’t mean much when we don’t have the corresponding values to how it equates to player health and how much of it we can have.

Some of the Stim calculations are done as percentages as well, as if the HP scores aren’t confusing enough! :neutral_face:

Reminds me a bit of the GOW4 Sniper’s Explosive Headshot card. It’d all very well saying the card gives you 100% extra damage and radius, but what is the 100% based on? A frag grenade? A Boomshot with an active reload? A Boomshot without an active reload? A Torque?

I always thought it was 100% the shot you just took as the Sniper. I really liked that card. I was on a Juvvies game once, took out the Scion and BOOM, ■■■■ load of Juvvies went with it.
But, most of the time, as the Sniper i took out single targets, mostly on the Jack Todd.

It was the mention of the radius that got me thinking it was referring to an explosive weapon of some sort. It was just crazy that when maxed out, you could wipe most of a Snatchers’ health off if it was a couple of metres away from the explosion.

That would be a sight to see.

It is indeed. On boss waves you would focus on small enemies close to the big guy. Taking out a juvie with a markza would translate in the scion and the boss near it blown to bits.

Weapons were certainly overpowered in G4, being frequent to see a 1 or 2 man team. Now we have underpowered skills which we don’t even understand.

Underpowered? Yeah yeah I know, JD doesn’t fit here but at least we can all agree that spamming missiles was not what TC had in mind.

It was the Cards that made them overpowered, which i think was the point. Buy some Elite packs and you can Pay to Win. Money grabbers since they took over the Gears franchise.
And in Gears of War 4 Horde i actually took out the Boomers, Scions and Snipers first, i thought they were more important. I never thought for a moment to take out the little ones to weaken the big ones. Damn, i now feel like an amateur… Grrr
The Markza was, and is an awesome weapon, i love that weapon to bits. In fact, as soon as i see one, it is mine and Weapon Locker time :smiley:

Explosive headshot damage is insane and the blast radius maxed is just stupid.

It is strange yes, but once I killed a snatcher because I missed and headshoted a juvie and boom, no more snatcher. It change the way I saw bosses after that, It even worked on bigger bosses but not kill them completely. Why bother anyway when it was easier with dropshots, again op weapons

I never saw horde as a pay to win, the RNG took care of it. I leveled every single card to 5 and never bought a horde pack. Did buy plenty of black steels, those looked awesome.

I once saw a sniper take the head of a scion and the explosion killed the Snatcher that was next to the scion :slight_smile:

Everyone is talking about how “OP” GoW4 Horde was… Really? It was simply FUN to do… and I never heard any Scions, drones, or juvies, which bought the game expecting Horde to be “balanced”, complaining…

So I’d take THAT model over G5 anytime…