What is the most effective/useful nade?

Before I start, what does the smoke grenade actually do? In my imagination I’d like to think it deters enemies while I throw it at downed teammates, which seems to work sometimes honestly.

Secondly, what is the most effective grenade in your opinion and what situations are each best used for? It could even be ranked if liked. Or even separated by game modes.

Bonus Question: What if they implemented cryo-nades? I think it would it would be pretty cool.

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Smoke grenades feel best used as diversion, Faking a push or attempting a flank. 50% of the time it feels like people back up from smokes when they’re tossed IN TDM.

Flame nades feel like they punish unaware players. If someone starts a fight with you and they don’t know you have flames its almost a free kill imo

Frags are universal but seem to be commonly used to throw one towards where someones running and the other towards where that person came from, essentially trapping player between 2 frags. An underrated play imo is downing someone and waiting for their teammate to revive them and then BOOM frag out.
no way in hell this crap works on Onyx+

Shocks are annoying. They keep you from moving around the way you want. It’s an underrated grenade and I think It’s used wrong 70% of the time. Foundations pistons is a great place where shocks shine because you can completely block off an area for like 5sec or however long they last.

Man two Grenade threads in the same day lol.
Also If I keep commenting on PvP threads people are going to realize how bad I really am


Awesome input. Thanks for the info. How do you feel about flashbangs?

Ahh I completely forgot about the flashbangs. Goes to show how casual I am lol. It’s such a good nade for initials but I personally think it takes the most skill. I’ve seen countless flash go off and stun no one because the radius is so small now but its definitely king for ring breaks and initial fights.

Speaking as a PVE player, I’ve come to love Flashbangs.

In higher difficulty Escape they can be so useful in tight situations. If you flash-stun enemies you can do the quick meatshield executions and it’s basically a free kill or two. Plus if you’re doing this to Elite Grenadiers you get a free Flashbang back for every one you meatshield.

Plus they are useful for melee-classes against Scions allowing you several free hits to bleed them without them taking any swings at you.

Also from an Escape perspective, I love setting flash-shock grenade combo traps - basically planting a Flashbang and a Shock on top of each other. The Flash stuns enemies in place while the Shock does the damage. It’s great for Juvies because they normally move fast enough on high difficulties to avoid being killed by the Shock alone so the Flash is great for locking them in place.


I think this would be a good implementation in versus, but not in escape and horde. I foresee this being spammed to cheese every boss, even if they pose medium threat (like scions and DR-1’s).

In horde, the fabricator could manufacture plenty of these, thus eliminating the challenge of survival in horde completely.

Exactly. If people know where to plant shock grenades in KOTH for this map, they could literally claim victory easily.

I like smoke grenades in versus. I like flash bangs in escape, I like incendiary for the matriarch and I like frags with razor hail. Shocks are good to slow foes down and used to bleed for Paduk with stim and armored score boost

Cryo-nades would be cool as hell

PVP I like the smoke grenade best to help hold positions / pushes on defense. Offense a well placed smoke can help push / get into positions.

PVE flash bangs are my favorite. Can buy enough time for when enemies are on top of the base for an offensive class to take a few out.

Lol, there IS a challenge? Is there some hidden difficulty beyond Master than i am not aware of? :grin:

Dont get me wrong, horde can be fun, sure, but TC doesnt know how to make something a challenge beyond making enemies super powerful bullet sponges…

Constantly getting 1 shot downed even with max health perks, max damage reduction modifiers, etc, reduces the challenge to “dont get hit… By anything…” Which you cannot control or “skill” your way out …

So yeah, i guess there is a challenge… Dont get hit.

Cryo nades…seems like they would act like shocks and just slow you down. If so, i wouldn’t want another shock type nade in pvp

If they froze you completely for, say, 2 second I would not want that in pvp either.

What’s your idea for them OP?

Smokes: my default loadout in pvp. Tons of uses.

Flash bangs: i don’t ever use them. Useful in certain situations but not as diverse as smokes IMO

Shocks: most underrated. I love shocks.

Incendiary: I always preferred these over frags in GOW4, I was beastly with them but I don’t think they’re quite as useful, at least not for me, in G5. Still great though.

Frags: useful only when the enemy is distracted. Planting is useless also since enemy can see them through walls with tac com.

He was afraid cryo grenades would freeze bosses.
Guess he doesn’t know about the cryo canon

Shocks are definitely the best as far as pvp goes. Being able to completely shut out a whole team from the hill or a power weapon is gawdly with good timing.

Or about icy precision…

Seriously… 3 shots from the markza, and the swarmak disappears… And I am like “uhmm…wtf just happened?” and my team mates laugh :grin:


Blister destruction on a frozen Swarmak tends to be quite destructive. Although it doesn’t appear to be the only way to one shot it as I have seen people drop artillery on a Swarmak(that I stunned prior with a Dropshot) and it just got obliterated immediately.

Personally, I prefer Flashbangs the most for PvE, although some classes I prefer shocks on(like “Pilot” cause they give stim and prevent the enemy in the shock field from shooting back - people also seem to have forgotten they’ll short out Guardian and Sentinel shields if it blows up underneath them). Frags only really in Escape for classes with explosive bleed, hardly bother with them, or Incendiaries for that matter, in Horde.


It would freeze bosses instantly, that was what I am worried about.

Yes, cryo cannon coupled with Gunner class’s ‘Flash Freeze’ also exists. But it still requires considerable amount of time from your side to freeze it.

Also regarding Marksman class’s ‘Icy precision’, you still need good accuracy to freeze enemies, adn you must do that before active reload disappears.

Cryo cannon and Icy precision requires some/minimal skill to freeze enemies.

But with cryo grenades, it would become wayyyy too easy.

Step1:Just throw/plant a cryo grenade.
Step2: Unsuspecting enemy gets instantly frozen.
Step3: ???
Step4: Enemy is dead.

If all grenades aren’t insta kill then a cryo wouldn’t be either

I am not saying a Cryo nade is an insta-kill,

I am saying that by using a cryo nade, the affected enemy would be susceptible to an easy insta-kill( with teamwork and inflicting high DPS)