What is the gnasher gameplan?

What is the game plan for the gnasher in this game
I try playing the same way i did in gears of war 1 and 3 but it doesnt seem to work i cant hit my shots and cant do simple bounces cant strafe cos it doesnt work

Llease help cos im not having fun i know the games broken but how can other people consistently get shotgun kills and i cant im not a newbie to gears but i feel like i am one when i play this game

Please send me tips and tricks and tell me how to play with gnasher

Here’s the only tip you need…blindfire.

I’m convinced there is something about the game’s netcode or something where some players have a good time at the expense of others who are going to have a miserable, hopeless time. Right now you are in the latter group. It will never work well and optimally for all players at the same time. I don’t think there is anything you can do about it. In a few weeks, they’ll adjust something and the tables will be turned.
I don’t know how else to explain the fact that I was consistently doing well in the game and gaining rank and then suddenly I can’t get a kill unless it’s with a chainsaw or power weapon. At the same time things fell apart for me, a lot of people started thanking TC for improving the gameplay

  • Removed GIB

  • Added one shot down from 100 yards

  • Delayed low ping shots by 75% so freeloaders stealing the neighbors WIFI can get a kill.


Ill use this tip cos im always trying to popshot and it doesnt work

This legit made me laugh. Thank you.

Blindfire does tend to be the most consistent way in which to get kills. But the gnasher doesn’t make much sense at the moment. You are more likely to get kills by using your Gnasher as a OP snipe than, ya know, using skill to get elims. The increased distance damage makes no logical sense whatsoever, and the ever-present aim assist makes anything more than a 1v1 nearly impossible.

Edit: This was supposed to be a response to OP, not Lambent Lucky lol

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