What is the face of lizzie carmine

For some time the rumor was created that lizzie had the same model as Kait since they shared certain characteristics, however, Thanks to Gary it was found that the Carmine have already modeled faces different from the rest. With lizzie she is no exception since as we can see thanks to the Mobile Park variant she has her own face which is similar to the one who gives her voice in the English version … Which by the way is Sarah Elmaleh. Who shares certain characteristics with lizzie, for example: -Eye color -Type of eyebrows -Marks on the skin -Haircut From what we can deduce that Lizzie C.'s face is based on Sarah Elmaleh in at least 80% similarity.


Everything checks out here

you crazy son of a- gun, you did it

Just like Anthony, a short appearance, a lasting impact.

Also, a mystery behind the helmet.