What is the difference between the Locusts, Lambent, and Swarm?

The lore for this series is confusing.

Locust are made by Myrrah, Ukkon, and Dr. Niles

Swarm evolved from Locust - Scions trapped humans & put them in pods to make Swarm

Lambent are infected Locusts from imulsion

Can be more technical but the basic rundown


Lambents are the local crackheads in Nexus.


The swarm are the parody version of the Locust.


Lambent are generally Locust creatures infected and turned into a creature barely recognizable as what it once was by Imulsion taking over the cells of the body. I guess you could take Formers as well, if you took a general definition of Lambent as organisms infected by it, and the Polyps which apparently were once some Hollow creature known as a Rockbeast that was presumably spider-like in appearance.

Locust are hybrid creatures between some sort of “stem cells” of Myrrah and Sire DNA, created by Niles in the lab hidden under Mount Kadar.

Swarm are basically evolved versions of the Locust if you will, caused by the Imulsion countermeasure set off at the end of Gears 3. With Scions and variations thereof(Speakers, Wardens) being former Locust and the Juvies, Swarm Drones, Hunters, Snatchers, Pouncers and so on being creatures made by the evolved former Locust.

Why are Locust/Swarm so buff?

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Snatchers are the evolved forms of the Pouncers.
Juvies and Swarm Drones are Snatcherformed humans…

Locust eat bugs/ insects packed with protein. All the hills and trails they have to walk, they must have some shredded legs

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The Locust are mutants made from Queen Myrrah’s DNA (she had Imulsion in her DNA, but she was highly resistant to it, which allowed for more Imulsion in the mutation process of Locust).

The Lambent are all the creatures infected by Imulsion to a degree that they glowed, became explosive, and lost their minds. The Lambent were a hive mind, with the Imulsion doing all their thinking.

The Swarm are both Locust and Lambent, further evolved and hybridized. They often explode on death, and they have a powerful hive mind, along with lots of tentacles like the Lambent… But they’re led by Scions (who are evolved Locust). They still need a Queen to unite them and coordinate their hive mind.

The Locust were meant to be a super soldier type thing, so I mean, why wouldn’t they be jacked?
They we’re supposed to be immune to Rustlung & help out in the Pendulum Wars, if I’m not mistaken.
But, of course, that went horribly wrong when they escaped and killed everyone in the lab.

And the Swarm are literally the sequel to the Locust, so of course the features are gonna be somewhat similar. They’re bred to destroy, so they gotta at least be able to beat a human in an arm wrestling match. And luckily for them, they can not only overpower a human arm, but they can rip it off & beat them over the head with it.
I mean, you can’t do that it if you’re not insanely buff. So, ya know.

They found Clayton carmines massive stash of tren

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Yep, that’s how it went down in the games.

Aren’t the Swarm grunts (snipers, drones, grenadiers, and Imagos) former humans turned ugly ■■■ creature via the pod process? Meanwhile the Scions are actual Locust, just after 20+ years of metamorphosis?

Thought that was the whole point GOW4 was making in the first 2 - 3 acts lol. I could be wrong though… havent really read too much into TC’s take on the Gears lore.


Yep. Basic swarm units are former humans while scions are OG locust.

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Okay, thanks. Because this ain’t the first thread I’m seeing where people are claiming Swarm are evolved Locust.

Thought I was going crazy for a second

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“Wait so the glowin Locust are fighting the regular Locust? I thought they were all on the same side!?”

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You can’t be a Locust but you can be a Swarm!

Dbol and Decca…breakfast of champions, at least that is what we used to say!

I wish I could remember more gears 2 lines.

I still find after two games the swarm make zero sense.

Scions just evolved from Locust Drones some how. I guess evolution in the Gears universe is different to the real world. I would say it is more of an adaptation over evolution.

Swarm creatures are just not explained and what is the relationship between them. Locust controlled their beast through technology. Edit: I mean I guess we are going for the alien hivemind idea which is overdone.

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