What is the Deadliest/Scariest Scenerio in Master Horde?

To you, what is the scariest/deadliest scenerio in Master horde? It can be hypotheticals or from experience.

Is it a close encounter with Ice scion? Swarmak invading base? Being downed and hearing juvies a few meters away? Or how about the infamous combination of harbor and Kestrels?

Please, share your thoughts.

The infamous low tier character low level character joiners that join and say they beat insane on gears 1 so they can do master horde on gears 5 as they do ■■■■■■ but somehow better then the JD or kait sometimes.

Having a guardian suddenly fly into your base and down 4 out of 5 teammates immediately by just emptying a single clip of its tri-shot. (This entire disastrous activity takes place within a span of less than or equal to 2 seconds, its absurd)

Everyone slowly crawls towards the 5th lone surviving teammate and hopes that that player is smart enough to stay in cover and avoid the constant barrage of the tri-shot rounds.


Bad teammates and stupid choices like to try moving barriers into a ‘better’ position with only seconds on the wave break counter to go then not finishing in time and leaving a gap in them for enemies to get inside(to be clear, I don’t do this, I have just seen engis do and cause the match to fail as a result).

Otherwise? Generally the ridiculous BS of either Sentinels or a Kestrel/Swarmak either spawning only a few meters away from the base or charging straight into the middle of it, or both, while every other enemy on the map also immediately heads straight to the base so you have no time to even care about the boss enemies first which has resulted in failure 9/10 even with good teams because it’s so ridiculously stupid barely any team skill can save that.

I’d say on Horde Frenzy where you get a Sentinel as well as a Kestrel (or Swarmak). And then you spot some Guardians on top of that. Horde Frenzy can really throw some horrible combinations at you.


Stumps or Wardens with Bastions comes to mind. If they actually worked properly and there’s no Boomshots around with a JD or Keegan(or both). Although then the boss usually seems to be a Snatcher or Carrier so could be worse.

Running out of ammo, gas coming, locked door, one berserker at full health.

For horde…any sentinel that flys directly inside the base.

Horde Frenzy is a nightmare on Dam when the Kestrel spawns alongside a sentinel and its buddy guardian. I know that combination all too well.

****** Teammates are the biggest nightmare obviously. All Jokes aside i think Sentinels and Boomshot Scions in the same Wave are pretty deadly. Or Guardian and Kestrel under certain circumstances.

Juvies/popper pops out of nowhere lol

I played Harbor on Horde Frenzy Master yesterday, twice. We were destroying the map with ease. Swarmak with Guardian came in got wiped both times no problem. Moral of the story, that combination is a pain.


Every once in a while, it’s like the game sees you unworthy.

There will be that moment when it seems like there’s nothing you can do. You are overpowered by the game and your efforts are over.

Seen it too many times.

You are rolling and then bam, game over.

Lately got use to defeating kestrels effectively so they arent as much of a nuisance. But the leftover guardian/sentinels are just such a pain and my random teammates cant defeat them
or stay alive so it usually ends in a wipe. But a swarmak and a guardian is a gg. Those missles will find you and slither its way through your soul

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