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What is the best way to disrespect a toxic opponent?

(Laaaaaancer) #21

Teabag them for as long as possible, A little to the face and a little from behind and then Y beat them down for the entire duration. But that’s only for someone who is being toxic.

For regular tbaggers and no-no’ers, I just ignore it if they suck. If they’re okay or good, I’ll exchange a tbag or no-no.

(OneShotShelly) #22

That was quite the game,aye? :rofl:

(Fishie flop oog) #23

I got a few git gud kid messages , I answered with your team won but you were their worst player, meanwhile you got obliterated by me a 47 year old disabled person. Dont ever call me kid again, kid.

You know, I cried when Microsoft unveiled their adaptive controller. It is not for me, I may be disabled buit I can still play with the regular controller for a couple hours before it hurts so bad I paralyze.

Most of the time we dont know the person behind the xboxlive name we play against, win or lose: BE RESPECTFULL.

(LaGiraffa4321) #24

For the most part, I ignore them. But, if someone keeps at it with the tbagging and beat down execution to the point of annoying, they are getting humped by me. I also encourage one of my teammates to double team with me. Sandwich style. Give it to them real good. As far as hatemail I receive, I only respond with one of these…:kissing_heart:. That always kills the conversation.

(Redfox888) #25

How do you guys handle the guy that spouts off that he is carring the team when he 2nd to last on the board and only has half the kills you did and 2/3rds less caps and breaks?

(thesuicidefox) #26

Throwing the game just to ensure they have a negative KD and stay dead most of the game.

(AliceInChainsaw) #27

I tell them to keep practicing, get a better attitude, and their overall game will majorly improve.

Followed with a
Better luck next time.

That or ‘No Nintendo’

Depends on my mood.

(AliceInChainsaw) #28

Tell them to go back to grade 10 and finish math.

(mizzelphug) #29

Just played my first two games in months. Every single death of mine was followed by dancing and teabagging up against a wall by the entire opposite team right from the start of the match. Every. Single. Time. Didn’t matter which one killed me, the others would run over to dance around me.

The odd thing is this is one of the only times where I’ve played against people from the US since this game was released. At least I maintained my steady ping of 22 during all the idiocy. …so I had that going for me, which was nice.

(AliceInChainsaw) #30

(NinjaChang) #31

am i allowed to post an example of how to disrespect a toxic stacked party of nerds or nawww, prolly get removed or flagged if i post a link, weird ■■■ forums, cant do ■■■■

(mizzelphug) #32

The game literally has characters dropping F-bombs every two seconds, but god forbid you repeat anything said within the game on the game’s forum which has an age verification system at the gate.

That’s Micro$haft’s way of sticking to the idealized 1950’s decency values …or something.


Lets just say that it is fairly easy to work around this…

(mizzelphug) #34

If you look at the statistics I bet there are plenty of 119year olds on this site who all share a January birthday.

(Slipping Flames) #35

The title of this post should read, How to be even more toxic than my enemies?

If toxicity bothers you, this is the wrong game.

(Fishie flop oog) #36

I have less of a problem with something that does not exist telling me YEAH ITS TOUGH TO LOSE or THIS NEVER GETS OLD, I DO BUT THIS DOESNT then some emotionally unstable tween telling me I am a loser becouse I play on XBox and he is part of the PC Master Race.


Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. My question what is the most effective way to deal with a toxic player. I generally duke it out in global

(Stealth Ninja X) #38

Kill them in person…lol just kidding, don’t actually go through with that :laughing:

(jvergoth) #39

Google their gamertag. It is amazing what you can find out. Give them some of their own personal info and they will freak.


Love it