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What is the best way to disrespect a toxic opponent?


So I go back and forth on this myself. On the one hand, I generally like to take the high road, and not get too flustered when I get bagged, beatdowned, humped etc… and let the player’s bad sportsmanship speak for itself. But on the other hand, I think that a no-no or bagging is necessary on some occasions. Especially if the player perpetrating the toxicity has sub-par skills.
I generally fall in the middle, and will go into global chat and mock players like this, but will refrain from actual forms of disrespect.
My personal favorites are the “trash” messages. Some high class trollery goes down there on my part :joy:

(Noble Guardian) #2

Send him a big “haha!” and move on!

Not to care is the best reply :wink:



I aspire to that…but sadly, it doesn’t always play out that way in reality…

(mike yaworski) #4

Text Messages

Very rarely will I respond to text messages anymore because it never actually gets through to people. The most I’ll give them is an all caps LOL or LMAO. It’s like I’m taking the high road, but I’m actually trying to make them embarrassed. Occasionally I’ll also respond with “L” if they lost a ranked game to me (L means loss). I stick to very short and sweet messages, showing that you’re having fun and they’re not.


If I’m clearly much better than them, I just continue playing as usual - no teabagging or anything. Maybe after I get swords on him or a nasty kill, I’ll teabag back. The idea is that their teabag is so meaningless to me that I don’t even need to acknowledge it. It also feels like straight up bullying if they’re really nooby.

If the guy is skilled enough to trade kills with me back and forth, I’ll try to isolate him and Y-button to completion. I may or may not teabag every single kill as well - kinda depends on how I’m feeling.

No matter how skilled the guy is, if it’s right near the end of the game, I might close it out with a teabag so they get frustrated and can’t do anything about it lol.

If it’s a ranked game and I’m not actually sure if I’ll win, I’ll just refrain from any teabagging until I know who’s gonna win. Once I know I’m gonna win, I’ll start teabagging. And when the game is over, I’ll spam “L” in the chat.


I am curious. As a D5 is every (?) playlist, do you ever actually run into players who are better than you?

(Noble Guardian) #6

It’s easy with practice and neutron programming.

Stop grinding for long and take a break between matches so you could avoid working up…


(todo ese jugo) #7

Bag and wall hump the crap out of him until he rage quits!

(mike yaworski) #8

Yes of course. I’m not the best in the world by any means lmao and the community is small enough to run into the big fish. There’s a big difference between a D5 and a top level competitive player. But it’s not very common for me in ranked games because I play on PC. Many of the top players in the world turn off crossplay (GB stars, pro players, ranked monsters, etc.), so I don’t get to play against them.

But there are hundreds of people who get D5 and that doesn’t even include some of the top players that stick to only GBs, scrims and wagers.

I mostly play private match scrims with PC friends these days and we’re all similarly skilled. Every player also has strengths and weaknesses, so some may be better than you with precision weapons while you’re better at shotgun fights, etc.

Most teabagging happens in social games like Comp Warmup though and tbh, I rarely find anyone that actually kills me consistently in that. There are a few other PC players that will give me a hard time, but that’s pretty much it. The better players (unfortunately) stick to private games and crossplay-off ranked games :cry:

(ll R E D l) #9

If they are at the bottom then I like to send poop emoji

(Asurazu Rasu) #10

Curb stomp execution or just meat shield into neck snap.

Or i just meat shield then drop them down some stairs


Just played a Koth match with @ll_R_E_D_l and @OneShotShelly. And the players on the opposing team spiked horribly. And the most frustrating aspect was that they were awful players, causing us to lose the match
Needless to say, we had a fun time in global chat.

@Krylon_Blue I swear to you man, you would have quit right then if you had been in that match :joy:

Then in another game, a opponent beatdown shelly, so we all bagged and beatdown him in retaliation

(Krylon Blue) #12

I don’t quit out of matches but I certainly would have stopped playing immediately afterwards.


Nah man. You would have quit, then found a way to hack into everyone else’s profiles and make them quit and run their Gears disc through a paper shredder

(Krylon Blue) #14



(Buster McTunder) #15

Always keep your cool and remember they’re better than you. If they send hate, just be super polite and never give them the satisfaction of your anger.

(Krylon Blue) #16

I don’t even respond to them. I have friends that will say something along the lines of a smiley face or good game just to piss them off. I don’t feel the need to even do that though.

(jvergoth) #17

Just send some nonsense that sounds like it should be Spanish. Nobody notices and everyone is happy.:joy:

(Chaotik Element) #18

Every person i kill i do the “take the L” and Default Dance on them :slight_smile:

Wait a minute…

Oh my bad, wrong forum.

I’ll see myself out…

In conclusion if a player is very toxic (better or not) every time i kill them i’ll proceed to t-bag or beat them down but mostly for lulz and banter. Don’t take it too personally , in gears 4 alot of people who do that mostly are sub-par and on stacked teams it’s usually the bottom 3 who do it… at least in my experience

(PinkPhantomKait) #19

Yesterday I saw someone meat shield one of my team mates and he started to tea bag them then he tagged the body with a grenade and blew himself up

(ANDROIDguy) #20

try to troll them and you will soon realize:

Stupid people first bring YOU to their level
Then beat YOU with their SUPERIORITY